1989 Vauxhall Senator reviews from UK and Ireland

Senator 3.0i

Quality, comfort and bags enjoyment

228 words

Senator 2.5i 2.5 Straight 6

Very cheap luxury motoring!

65 words

Senator CDi 3.0 petrol

Comfortable, reliable, good value second hand, but watch for rust

115 words

Senator 3.0i 3.0i

One of the best cars that I have owned

19 words

Senator 3.0i 12v

Nice big car for the money

364 words, 1 comment

Senator 12v 3.0

A pile of junk

43 words, 2 comments

Senator 3.0 12v

Incredulous bargain

51 words

Senator CD 3.0i 12v petrol

A luxurious, fast, safe motorway cruiser

219 words

Senator 25i 2.5 petrol

A superb car

108 words

Senator 3.0 24v petrol

22 words

Senator CD 3.0i petrol

59 words

Senator 3.0i petrol

46 words

Senator 3.0 CD 3.0 12 valve petrol

107 words, 1 comment