Zafira Design 1.9 turbo diesel

Very good

157 words

Zafira Club 1.9 TDI turbo diesel

I'd have another if the support could be assured

55 words

Zafira SRI XP 140 1.8 VVT

Well impressed so far

118 words, 1 comment

Zafira club 2.2i


49 words, 1 comment

Zafira Design 2.2 Direct

Good family shifter

603 words, 10 comments

Zafira Club 1.8

Nice family car

49 words

Zafira 1.9 CDTI

Stylish, comfortable and a good drive

98 words

Zafira Active 1.9 CDTi

Would have rather got a Ford S-Max

103 words, 1 comment

Zafira 1.8 Active 1.8

Best in it's class for the money

139 words

Zafira Design 1.8

Good all rounder with power to spare from new engine but its a bit noisy.

173 words, 2 comments

Zafira Specila Edition 1.8 petrol

A lemon. Poor design features and quality of manufacture

44 words