1996 Volvo 440 Si 1.8


Cheap and economical


Have had it fully serviced - plugs, oil, oil filter, new battery, front and rear brakes, new timing belt, radiator fluid change and coil springs on both sides.

This is standard stuff, that I always check and make sure is done whenever I purchase another car.

General Comments:

The car has a bulletproof engine, it's cheap and economical to run. I pay roughly £300 for fully comprehensive insurance, and the petrol seems to last forever, considering its built like a tank, and considering it is a 1.8 engine.

I'm really happy with this purchase, and hope to buy another Volvo in the future.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2010

1996 Volvo 440 GS 2.0 litre


Widowmaker round corners!!


Remote locking sets alarm off when locking the car (has to be locked with the key).

Immobiliser light flashes when engine running.

Handbrake warning light has intermittent operation.

Rear brake caliper needed replacing as lost nearly all the brake fluid.

Mid and rear exhaust sections needed replacing as separated (very quickly).

Front wipers replaced.

General Comments:

These are seriously old school Volvos, in that they're very boxy, have a cheap, nasty interior, and handle badly.

However, my 440 had a certain charm, and felt like mechanically it would go on for ever and ever (I view the items above as wear and tear).

Plus points for me were a very torquey engine, which would pull from 20 mph in fifth, which also gave quite nippy performance, plenty of space inside for the size of the car, a decent spec level for its age inc aircon, and its non-burstable feel.

Minus points were definitely handling and partly ride; these 440's have zero steering feel, roll excessively and don't grip very well, wet weather handling is best described as interesting, and it really did struggle to keep up with modern traffic round tight corners (my new car, an S-reg Laguna doesn't!).

Also, probably down to design age, above 75 mph there's a lot of wind noise and the engine gets very harsh when revved.

Overall I'd never buy another 440, although would definitely buy another Volvo -- there's something about them!

It's gone to my 65 year old father-in-law now, which is really the sort of person it belongs with!! I'm happier with my Laguna, which cost me £150 more, and feels light years ahead on just about every count.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2007

1996 Volvo 440 I 1.6 Injection




Nothing yet..Haven't had it very long... only had it for a day...

General Comments:

Very nice outside and inside... i love the shape and the inside...

I will update if I have any problems.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

1996 Volvo 440 CD 2.0 injection


Bargain basement quality motoring


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

Unfashionable model, but with the blinding 2.0 Volvo petrol engine it really goes.

A little bit heavy on fuel, but not scarily so.

Superb interior with leather, air con and 10 CD player makes for long journey heaven.

The only downside is badly designed luggage space which means we cannot fit our new baby's 3-wheel buggy in so now the car must go.

The end-of the run 440s have a more modern face, but the shape is very dated, which seems to keep the price down on an excellent car.

Buying a V40 next so hopefully will get a repeat of this excellent car, but with that tiny bit more space.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

1996 Volvo 440 Si 2.0


Safety Style performance valve all in one


Nothing has gone wrong yet with the car.

The only problems I have are that the temperature gauge some times fails to work.

And the rear suspension sometimes squeaks.

General Comments:

This is a brilliant car for the money.

You get a fully loaded car with all the toys for not a lot of cash.

Electric everything and Air con all for the same price as a basic Ford.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2004

9th Mar 2008, 13:38

I am thinking of buying a Volvo 440 2.0Si as a second hand car and have been reassured by the positive comments in this review.