Volvo C70 reviews from UK and Ireland


C70 T5 Sport 2.5 petrol

The prettiest cabrio, a luxury car with a "wow!" factor

386 words


C70 Coupe 2.4T

The most beautiful affordable GT Coupe ever made

129 words


C70 T 2.4

Its worth more than what you pay!

391 words, 3 comments


C70 2.4 t Coupe 2.4 lpt

A sheer delight to drive, I never want to get out of it.

245 words


C70 T5 Coupe 2.3 HPT

Love it to bits, but seriously flawed, be prepared for big bills

1168 words, 9 comments

C70 GT CONV. 2.0T

Comfortable cruiser

131 words, 5 comments


C70 2.4 Non turbo 170 BHP

Smooth Going Fast Cruiser

117 words


C70 T5 GT 2.3 T5

A front wheel drive Ferrari!

89 words, 8 comments

C70 GT 2.5T petrol

Smooth, suave and sophisticated!

128 words