1998 Volvo V40 cdt 1.8 turbo petrol injection


Great alrounder, Towes more than 4t. At130mph I get 33mpg, How cool is that?


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

This car is unbeatable.

The handling is 100% and the power is amazing.

The auto transmission is like a 4.6 litre engines would be, The best.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2005

1998 Volvo V40 CD 2.0 petrol


Feels a bit more classy than a Vauxhall, but no performance


Front brakes sounded like they were rubbing, dealer aid stone found in them. Still sound the same only at low speed.

Front suspension sounds like it's knocking. Dealer replaced front drop links, still sounds about the same.

General Comments:

Paint marks very easily.

Exhaust sounds noisy on tick over.

Fan very noisy.

Only does about 20-22mpg around town.

Annoying noise from body vibration when pulling away.

Air con works OK.

Seats are nice and comfy.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

1998 Volvo V40 1.8


Should have been a step up, instead an expensive folly


Very hard to select 1st and 2nd gears.

Rear brake pads required replacement at 20000 miles.

I've had to replace the headlamp bulbs four times to date.

At 45000 miles the constant velocity joints required replacement at a cost of some £500 per side.

General Comments:

After no joy with the Volvo dealer, I had to take the car to a local independent garage to correctly diagnose the faulty CV joints. The Volvo selling dealer could find no fault with the drive, blaming corroded brake discs which they could fix for £270 per side. The independent garage quote £200 for both sides, but on inspection said there was nothing wrong with the brakes and therefore refused to charge me for work that didn't need doing.

Later another Volvo dealer in another area confirmed that the CV joints indeed needed replacing.

After weeks of correspondence with Volvo Cars, they offered a 35% discount to have the offside drive shaft replaced. The bill would still come to some £400 with the discount, which is 10% of the value of the entire car.

I have arranged to get the problem sorted at another independent garage... quote is less than £300 to get both sides drivelines replaced.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

9th Mar 2006, 18:33

The gearbox problem is worn bushes in the linkages.

23rd Jan 2007, 02:19

It's a real shame that your V40 was so unreliable, I've got one and it's superb. I've also had a 480 Turbo and that was superb too.

Maybe you just got a bit of a lemon - I did with a BMW 7 series and it almost bankrupted me!

1998 Volvo V40 T4 CD 1.9


Sensible car, mental performance


Loose front passenger seat. The dealer is in the process of fixing this.

General Comments:

Absolutely fantastic car with 200BHP, lots comfort and safety that is second to none.

Once you've driven a T model Volvo you will not want to drive anything else.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

23rd Feb 2005, 11:43

I totally agree the Volvo v40 t4 is a quick car.

1998 Volvo V40 CD 2.0 Lt


A safe, reliable, and very comfortable car


Paint-work is very thin. It scratches off easily.

Battery needed replacement just after the warranty period.

A few bulbs have had to be replaced.

Apart from that, we have been very lucky.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Has only failed to start once due to the battery going.

Good performance, and good acceleration in sports mode.

Very comfortable on long journeys. Happy to cruise for hours in it. Seats are excellent.

On a full tank of petrol, we struggle to get 250 miles out of it. But that could be down to fast driving style!!!

Forward visibility on right hand bends is restricted due to pillar.

Steering wheel cannot be adjusted for reach.

Can be noisy in the cabin, with roof rack fitted. Also, boot not big enough for an Estate car.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2002

6th Aug 2002, 06:38

I own a V40 T4 with A/C often on (Increasing fuel consumption). I only do city driving and get 340 Miles out of the 60-Litre tank. You virtually have to have a leak to do 250 Miles only. Get the car checked out.

1998 Volvo V40 CD 1.9 turbo diesel


Very comfortable mile muncher


Driver seat belt returns with quite a bit of oomph (I'm surprised that the buckle hasn't broken the door glass).

General Comments:

Good forward visibility.

Poor rear visibility.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2001