XC90 T6

Should have had a gearbox recall

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XC90 D5 SE 2.4 diesel

This is Volvo's best yet. I love it

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XC90 SE D5 diesel 2.4 diesel

The best SUV yet!

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XC90 Executive D5 diesel

Not perfect yet, but better than any other 4X4 we have tested

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XC90 SE 2.4 turbo diesel

Beautiful.. Could be better

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XC90 T6 petrol turbo

It's a great car, but that view could change, depending on how Volvo respond to this issue

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XC90 AWD 2.4 turbo diesel

Better looking than good

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XC90 d5 SE 2.4 turbo diesel

A very comfortable well built and safe 4x4/SUV

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