1991 Yugo Cabriolet GV 1.3 petrol


Some problems with the hood, durability of the plastic interior.

General Comments:

I must say that I have read the reports of some of the other readers and was compelled to respond.

I had to buy a car urgently then, after my VW was stolen. Cash-strapped, the Yugo was my only alternative. No, it is not the best car in the world, but I was never left stranded, and always got from A-B in one piece. I had an accident once, and beside some bruising, I was fine and the repairs didn`t cost that much either.

Those people trashing this car, you have a point, but if you wanted luxury and durability, why the hell didn`t you buy a Merc, so if you can`t live with it sell it, buy something else and stop complaining

"If you don`t know what is good, look at the price"..........

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 3rd December, 1998

11th Sep 2003, 14:57

Hey, do you think you could tell me what it sounded like?