1996 BMW 8 Series 850 Ci 5.4L


Timeless design and a driver's car - UNIQUE


Seat motors have blown up and the dealer has no spares. I finally had it fixed by a private mechanic.

Heavy wear on the tires.

The windscreen cracked twice (50000m & 63000m) when the car was jacked up with the dealer not accepting responsibility. The 1st time I paid for the replacement. However, the 2nd time around I forced them to foot the bill.

The on board computer display pixels 'die' and have been replaced twice.

One headlight cover has loosened several times and nearly flew off at top speed.

The suspension service has cost me quite a bit - spares and replacement arms, bushes etc.

The sunroof motor has failed once and needed to be replaced at 58000miles.

General Comments:

A high maintenance automobile and most of my friends think I'm crazy!

The Caddy is still around, but I still prefer this beauty for her timeless design and handling.

We have long long roads and this car drives like a dream - 150mph - no problem.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th January, 2003