1991 BMW M5 3.6L


Hidden monster


Gear started to make noise on the second. Dealer told me it cannot be repaired. It will need to be completely replaced Cost $7,000. The car was drivable.

Before this problem, the car was running perfect and it had no problems what so ever.

General Comments:

The car was a dream come true for me. I got it at a special price $13,000. Loved every moment. Nice recaro seats. Maintenance was affordable. I once drove it from Riyadh Saudi Arabia to Beirut Lebanon in 18 hours. My average speed was 180 K/hr and top speed 260 K/ hr in Syria.

Best of all goind up the mountains in Lebanon.

Unfortunately two weeks after I sold the car, it was involved in a serious accident. It was totaled.

Now I am planning to buy a 2000 M5. Advices are welcome.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

27th May 2004, 17:03

My previous car was BMW M5 2000, and I must say it was a lemon! I taught it was the fastest car in our town, and then... a 45 year-old neighbor beat me on a drag race... with a station wagon by volvo (V70R 2004).

I was so in love with my BMW, that I was blinded by a dealer (the car was in a shop every second week)!

The car cost me $4800 for repairs in one half of the year and at 31.000 kilometers... and I was outacclerated by a VOLVO!

Then, in January 2004, I sold BMW and bought VOLVO S60R with 300 hp and I tuned it up to 340 hp. I had no problems with my car ever since!

I suggest that you think it over before purchasing... maybe I was just unlucky, but my friend had same problems with his M5.