2006 Chevrolet Optra 1.6


A good choice for affordable driving


- Yellow indication light start blinking and going off by itself when it reached 40k kms. Took it to the Chevy dealer here in Dubai, first time they couldn't fix it, second time nothing also, until the third time it's become OK now and I haven't seen it blinking until now.

- Car theft alarm becomes abnormal; sometimes it will start working on/off by itself.

- It loses power once the AC is on.

- AC sometimes not cooling enough if driving at 140km/h on highways for a long period of time, needs to turn it off/on again (this started to happen after a minor accident).

- The hood is vibrating a little while at high speeds.

Overall it's a very good car with excellent fuel consumption...

General Comments:

It's a very good nice looking car. So far so good, no very major problems, let's see how it will be when it will reaches 100K KMs.

I added a spoiler and aluminium exhaust on my sedan. The black colour looks very sexy also...

Handling is amazing too...

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Review Date: 21st April, 2009

2005 Chevrolet Optra LT (5-door) 1.8


We have bought a Daewoo at the price of a Chevy!


I bought a 2005 model Optra LT (5door) in Dubai/UAE (elsewhere known as Optra5). Its exactly one year since I purchased it and I drove it only 18000 Km. One day the car broke down while starting the engine! (still under the 3 year warranty contract) This took one month of investigation and repairing by the local GM service center, ending up with complete engine re-assembling! (I mean it, as they have changed the water pump, Cylinder head & full set of 4 Pistons & Rings, 4 valves, plus Timing Belt and the time belt tightening wheel). I wrote a complain letter against the company, they explained (only verbally) that this was all because of a known problem in designing the water pump. In reply to my follow ups, after 1.5 months, they offered me 4 choices; 1) One year extension of engine warranty. 2) Replacement of the whole engine with a brand new engine. 3) Trading in the car with any other model (at the price of: original price – 20% + 10% as trade assistance) 4) Buying back the car without selling me another GM car for 35% less than the original price! (Without bothering about their fault) I am still struggling to get my rights.

General Comments:

Please note that this car is actually a Daewoo and has just received a few touches of design in some non-mechanical items such as exteriors and dashboard, before being introduced as a Chevrolet.

Don't think it is 100% Chevrolet, in fact it is called Daewoo Lacetti/Nubira.

This car (Lacetti/Nubira) was designed & made in Kunsan, South Korea by Daewoo's R&D department (now known as GM Daewoo Auto Technology (GMDAT)!), a company formed in 2002 out of the remnants of the bankrupt Daewoo company.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006

15th Jun 2006, 15:46

Well... it's either that the user is brand-sensitive or brand crazy... or someone has forced him/her to buy the car... whatever it is, the user has absolutely no idea of what exactly his/her car is and has exaggerated things... The Chevrolet Optra is a complete re-make of the Nubira/Lacetti from Daewoo (not to mention that Daewoo has been taken over by Chevrolet and Daewoo's plant in Korea is now transformed into a quality GM manufacturing plant)... But please note that, it's not just the interior/exterior looks that they've modified, but also the engine and a few other mechanical parts including the suspensions... the engine is actually manufactured by Holden from Australia.

The Optra is one of the popular cars in UAE.. but there will always be one piece out of every 100 which is defective, and unfortunately the author's car has turned out to be 'that one'!! I've used an Optra (which I had rented with 32000 kms on the odometer) for 5 months and drove it for around 24000 Kms!! I'm a really rough driver and despite such heavy and rash usage, the car was still in an excellent condition with the best comfort one can ever get from a mid-range car, with excellent handling, performance and mileage.. I had even skipped a service scheduled at 40000 Kms, and still the car continued to perform excellently.

Being a Korean built car, the parts are very cheap.. the purchase cost is way lower than it's Japanese competitors, and this car is just worth every penny. This is evident from reviews of this very same car from all over the world.

Regardless, one thing in which I agree with the user concerns the dealer's response. The after sales service of the dealers here in UAE for Chevrolet is sad, which makes up for the unpopularity of Chevy cars.