2005 Lexus GS 430 4.3 V8


Very Comfortable, Reliable, Luxurious and sporty car


- strange noise and movement while braking on low speeds. I feel like somebody is hitting me from behind.

- smart key doesn't work sometimes. I have to push the keyless buttons to make it work. and sometimes it says "key not detected" when trying to start the engine.

- bad smells from A/C (for 10 seconds after switching it on)

- many False alarms by one of the parking sensors. it shows that there is obstcale however nothing is there!

General Comments:

The following I liked mostly in the car

- best price in it's class (versus E500, A6 4.2, 545i)

- acceleration.. very fast.. 0-62 in 6 seconds I've tested that.

- quickly pull up on high speeds.

- in term of consumption is car is very efficient for such big V8 engine

- engine noise is minimal

- parking assistance and rear camera (a MUST HAVE option)

- plenty of options (everything you need from a sport sedan)

- seats are very comfortable

- Excellent A/C, even at very hot weather (42+ Degree)

-smooth driving, smooth and excellent cornering/handling on high speeds.

-sporty driving experience

- reliable

- very stable on high speeds and on the highway.

-touch screen very helpful

- Navigation system is very practical and very easy to use, much better than Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Nissan and Porsche (I've used all of them)

-braking needs minimal physical work to stop the car...very nice.. at high speeds, it is really smooth and perform very well.

Things I didn't like

- Middle East version doesn't have RDS on Radio FM and doesn't have DVD Option

- you can only save 6 FM channels!!! REALLY BAD

- NO iPod integration for such expensive luxury car

- NO MP3 playback and NO DVD-Audio for such expensive car

- parking breaks doesn't hold the car unless if you pushed it to it's limit!

- barking is not very smooth at low speeds, however it performs very well.

- some Tire and Air noise at 120+ km/h for such expensive car (compared with BMW and Mercedes)

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Review Date: 16th May, 2006