1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic transmition 2.0 non-turbo


Thank you


First thing I've changed the gear sensors costs me around 150$.

The brakes is not that good quality for a fast car, will cost you around 30$

The engine got blown up cause I really use all the hp and give the car all it's power.

To replace the engine with a used one will cost you around 750$.

You have to change it with a new one and that's really not a good idea cause its gonna cost you more than the car price.

The car computer, it's always screwed up and to change it with a new one gonna cost you 800$ from the showroom.

The A/c you fill it with air condition gas and the next day, there is no gas.

Forget about the airbags its just an accessories.

General Comments:

I love that car.

The power it gives you will make you feel that you are drivin a Lamborghini .

Its really low to the ground, like you are in a f1 races.

Its not made to race with it, and if you do, next day go and change your engine, just drive it slow.

Finally you gotta know one thing: this car is an 90 model not a 2004.

Note: the prices shown above with $ currency, but same price as the dubai cost, here it's a bit expensive.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2004