2004 Mitsubishi Magna VR-X 3.5 SOHC


Fun Fun Fun


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This car is a bless. To be honest, I never believed in japanese/ Australian cars until I test drived the VR-X.

The looks are amazing, it's a sports car for those who have a big family and require a sedan.

The Engine is the best in the car. With 230 Horse Powers and an amazing acceleration, you will have to through tissue papers out of the window cause who ever tries to race with you will cry. The options are amazing you have cruise control, ABS, and a 6 CD changer with a built in stack (basically you don't have to go to the trunk to load the CDs).

Comfort and safety are not neglected in this beast. It is spacious, with a trip computer that gives you a high tech feeling.

Although I like German cars more, this car might be the one to change my mind.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2004

5th Nov 2009, 00:17

I bought a used Magna 3.5L 2002 last month, it is a very nice car. I have a little problem, the fuel gauge never work properly, it goes on the full mark when I fill the tank full and that's fine, but when the car consumes 4-5 liters, the gauge drops to the bottom. My question is: What is the reason, and is the problem in the fuel tank? If so, it is not easy to change the tank gauge, do we have to remove the whole tank out and fix the gauge?

12th Apr 2010, 16:33

Hey there! You bought a used Magna? The reason your fuel gauge doesn't work is because the guy who owned the car before you never filled the fuel tank completely!

There is a Styrofoam in the tank that floats above the fuel level to actually show you how much fuel is there. It doesn't float properly and hence, sinks, giving you wrong fuel level information!

30th Apr 2010, 03:53

The faulty fuel sender unit is an easy fix, find one from a dealer or ever a wreckers. There is an access panel located under the rear seat.

Disconnect the old one and connect the new one (they attach to the fuel pump). All of 5 minutes and you should be done.