2010 Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 3.0 petrol


GOOD to drive


Had to replace brake pads after 3 years, which is fine.

Replaced tyres after 4 years!!! Because I didn't drive much on off road.

Anyway, the ABS sensor and 4x4 sensor is on at all times. Been like that since 2 years. I didn't get it fixed, as everything was fine and it was expensive to fix the sensor light.

Then in my 5th year of driving my A/C stopped cooling and car made a noise while driving. Found out the problem was that the A/C compressor gave way. I'm shocked since it's not an old car, and I got it brand new and it's been fine since. The cost to replace the compressor is 3000dh, which is crazy. So I'm stuck up at the moment.

Looking at different options to fix the compressor, OR to buy a second hand compressor, OR to buy a duplicate one. Really confused.

General Comments:

Well to begin with the car is comfortable to drive and does OK on off road. Speed and acceleration is not a plus since it's quite slow. Also the fuel consumption is bad. My car with a full tank could only do about 400km on busy roads while it does 500km on highways.

Overall it's a fine car, but the problem is expensive spare parts when compared to Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2015

2007 Mitsubishi Nativa 3.0


A good workhorse with no frills


Had a problem with the wheel bearing, which was a reason for my displeasure with the agent of Mitsubishi - it was under their service until 40000kms, and still they could not find out the cause.

A local garage mechanic drove it for 50 metres and pinpointed the fault exactly, opened the wheels and showed me the damage that had caused an uncomfortable ride.

General Comments:

Overall I am very satisfied with this car.

Fuel efficiency is good if you do not exceed 90kmph on highways.

Had a lot of noise, which disappeared once I changed the tires to straight groove rather than rough terrain tyres. The original ones were rough terrain when I bought it new.

Handling is good, A/C efficient - a plus in Middle Eastern weather.

Comfortable and safe. The seats are good, and I love them, especially as I had a backache earlier.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009

2006 Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 3.0L / 6 cylinder


Love it!


A/C compressor (after 2 years)

General Comments:

This is Mitsubishi's best kept secret. The car is good as gold, tough as a nail, drives in utter silence on good roads and yet gives its level best off-road.

No reliability issues (the A/C compressor was replaced under warranty and never had a problem since).

Clearly not a trend-setter nor state-of-the-art in terms of gadgets and electronics, but what is there works.

And I can't believe how cheap Mitsubishi sells these cars. Don't they believe in their own product? Pajero's may be more refined, but are far more expensive, and frankly I wouldn't stump the difference.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2008

2007 Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 3.0 24 valve V6


Good value for money, well built, but compromises on performance


Nothing yet, except a tiny air bubble mark at the door frame. So the paint is a little chipped there.

General Comments:

I read bad and good reviews about the car. I was in the market for a family size SUV, and my old Mercedes just gave up the ghost in the hottest month of the year.

So, in a fit of rage, I decided to upgrade, and my budget was small. Finally it was between a Kia Sportage and a Mitsubishi Nativa. I trusted the Japanese reputation VS the new kid in the block.

My comments are: true, the car is slow, and true, the car is petrol thirsty and noisy at high speeds on the motorway. True, the car's design is old fashioned, and true, the car's interior feels cheap because of the excessive use of plastic.

However, the car is very well priced for its category, and it is a true off road vehicle. It's got heaps of space, and makes me feel safe driving it.

If you want speed, you get a Cayenne, if you want looks, you get the Explorer, if you want class, you get Range Rover, but if you want an affordable car that rides like a truck, but is as tough as a nail, this is the one for you.

It also has ABS with EBS and dual airbags. As we have a little child, this was the selling point for the car.

I initially wanted a Pajero, but the new model is pricy, and the basic model does not have ABS.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2007

2004 Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 3.0 V6


An imperfectly great vehicle that delivers buckets of fun


Alignment is never guaranteed to last over 1 month.

General Comments:

When buying an SUV, you can't expect a sports car feel. With the Nativa however, despite is sluggish acceleration compared to a higher end Murano, it corners like a Motorbike on crack. When taking highway loops in speeds in excess of 120KMPH you feel like a rock star when your passengers go oooh and aaah at it’s handsome agility.

It takes on rough terrain like a duck to water, not so smoothly though, you can prepare to be jolted at average speeds when hitting uneven rocks etc.

The lows of this vehicle are that the interior is as drab as drab can be. The front grille is atrociously designed, I plan to replace it with the 2007 grille which is quite attractive.

The seats are comfortable enough to cushion your rear end comfortably for long trips. Lumbar support is adequate.

The suspension is tight, and rightfully so. Although not the most comfortable ride on earth, passengers feel very comfortable in the cabin which is surprisingly well laid out and spacious.

The engine is not your best friend, because it doesn’t respond at your beck and call. What it does lack in high end torque is compensated with terrific off road performance when the 4x4 is engaged. It becomes a little monster rock crawler with perfect amounts of torque distributed with precision.

I knew exactly what I was getting when I purchased the Nativa, and am very happy with my decision to buy one.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007