2007 Nissan X-Terra S petrol


Great deal


Nothing major.

The battery dead after 1 year.

Be careful on turns, it may lose control if you don't know the stability limit of this car, as this is a truck in civilized shape, you should never forget to be careful at high speeds and in stiff turns.

General Comments:

Very good car.

It is a car for peace of mind, very good deal for the price, great power, drives well off road and still good for city driving.

You feel this car can take you anywhere, it is not so fancy looking, but it is sensible and does its job perfectly. Good for weekends and daily use, very practical, mechanically it is perfect, and it gives you more than what it looks like; 290 horse power is not a joke, you cannot find a car with the same power and same price 4X4.

When you know that this car can defeat any hump, you can feel safe even on normal days, very comfortable for long trips. I had a Mercedes Benz E Class 2005, this car is way better, you cannot compare, but the suspension of the high car is more comfortable for long drives.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th September, 2009