1997 Renault Laguna RT 2.0


High performance, comfort and reliable as long as you do not take it to the Renault Service Centre


Peeling-off paint.

Bumper repairs.


Return to customer condition.

General Comments:

Bumper paints won't last for three months.

Authorized Service Centre in United Arab Emirates gives very poor quality service and lacks observance to the original condition.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2002

1997 Renault Laguna RT 2.0 petrol


An excellent car compared to others of the same class and price


Bumper paint peeled-off easily after repainting by the Service Center.

Front bumper mis-aligned after repair by the Service Center.

Paint scratched easily.

Radiator leaks after travelling more than 400 kms.

General Comments:

Excellent overall performance. Very smooth gear shifting and braking.

Spacious room for luggage but has a very difficult to open and raise hatchback door. Comfortable and excellent seats of its class. Power steering is not good or smooth.

A very fast car, high torque, fast acceleration and sporty!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2000