1994 BMW 3 Series 325i Cabrio 2.5


Buy, feel it and then love it!!! What an amazing little machine!!!


Have changed the tires.

The car is losing a little bit coolant, but I don't know why or where (about 100cc each two weeks).

The coolant level sensor sends an alarm when it feels like it... rubbish.

Local dealer's attention to detail leaves all to be desired... :S.

Anyway, it is not a new car, so a few minor flaws after 12 years... nothing to complain about!

General Comments:

This is my very first BMW and I think I'm falling in love with it...

I'm not sure why the E36 3 series are so cheap comparatively with other "same class" cars from Mercedes Benz for instance here in Venezuela, but anyway, because of that I could afford one.

Mine is an European 325i Cabriolet in excellent condition, bought with only 70k kilometers on the clock, and in just 1.5 months I have raised the bar to 77k!!

After 7k kilometers, I can tell you that if you want a really neat car for the money, look no further... despite maintenance costs which are not high if you know something about cars (local dealers are $%^&*), it drives beautifully and should be used as a daily commuter without a doubt!!!

It can't depreciate anymore, so you'll stop spending money and the engine seems to be the most exquisite piece of motor engineering in the world. If you compare with comparatively priced new cars... it is just outstanding.. amazing... loving... but if your transmission is automatic... it's a little bit slow to accelerate from stop until you understand automatic transmissions (my first automatic too)... even with 5 speeds...

And for God's sake... change the audio system... it's something that directly compares with Lada cars... but nothing else is this low :D...


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Review Date: 8th July, 2006

20th Jul 2007, 23:03

This is an update to the first comments:

Now I have 98k km on the clock, fixed the coolant leaking (was a funny thermal thing broke on the air filter box), have changed the rear bearings and tomorrow I'm heading for a 1600 kms travel "topless"

I really like this car, now it's a lot better being far from the local dealer who s**ks!!! it's getting better by the minute!

Changed the alternator because the voltage regulator broke, then when I replaced it, leaved something loosey and the whole alternator was burned out. used a 140 amp version of the original BMW/Bosch alternator intead of the 80A version that originally came with the car.

Installed a B&M air filter.

Fuel economy it's not any good, but here where I live fuel is as cheap as our life & freedom... just about 20 US Dollar cents a gallon.

If you have any doubts about buying an used BMW, go ahead, find a good one and if you have the meanings just buy it!!!