2002 Chevrolet Astra Elegance 2.2 gasoline


Great German Car


The air conditioning failed at 22.000km. The cause of this was the coil of the air compressor that burned and damaged the clutch and accessories belt. Cost around 500 American dollars and a week to be fix.

Other than its regular maintenance, nothing.

General Comments:

The car was imported from Germany and is sell in my country as a Chevrolet.

The engine is outstanding, but you have to go over 4.000 RPM to feel the power.

The brakes are excellent. My car is also equipped with the electronic stability program and traction control. The electronics have saved me from two severe crashes.

Cruising in the car is great, very quiet and can maintain high speeds without effort. Very roomy interior too.

The autonomy is fantastic. I accomplished 615km with a tank at 140km/h.

Built quality is great, although in bumpy roads it has some noises.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd January, 2006