2019 Acura ILX Premium 2.4l 4 cylinder from North America


An inexpensive car to lease with premium amenities


So far, I have had no issues with the car.

General Comments:

I was previously leasing a 2016 BMW 328i. The expiration of that lease coincided with a move to the city and I was kind of debating whether I still needed a vehicle. Ultimately, I decided I would lease another car but try and save a few bucks. I looked at cars I thought would give me a somewhat similar driving experience to the BMW, but at a lower price point and obviously with less creature comforts and prestige. So far, the ILX has given me what I sought after.

I've had the ILX almost a year now, but have only put about 4000 miles on it. The ILX was redesigned in 2019 and the improvements are positive. The previous model was honestly kind of tacky looking, whereas the 2019+ has more poise and a bit more class. Having said that, the interior is kind of bland and does feel a step below BMW. But it's tolerable and I'm actually quite impressed by the quality of the leather and comfort of the seats.

It doesn't handle with the agility of a BMW, but it's engaging enough. I find the transmission shifts a bit strangely at low speeds, but most of the time it's quite smooth. There's a bit of throttle response delay typical of drive by wire cars. The suspension is a bit jarring and a weak point, as is the small fuel tank.

The AM reception is very weak. Also, perhaps due to the muffler, I occasionally hear a whistling noise while downshifting. I may have this checked when I bring the car in for its first service.

Overall, I am happy with the ILX. It's an inexpensive vehicle to lease and maintain and I expect it to be hassle free and receive solid treatment from the dealership for the duration of the lease. I have no idea how a car like this would hold up after say 10 years, but for a lease I'd say it's a great choice.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2020

19th Jul 2020, 03:33

Nice review with good detail :)

2017 Acura ILX A-SPEC 2.4L from North America


An entry-level luxury vehicle with unparalleled performance in its class



General Comments:

This car is absolutely FANTASTIC.

I usually drive German cars (5 Series twice, CLK500, Jetta 1.8T, and more).

The level of performance from this 2.4L (Civic SI engine) is incredible! Drop this thing into Sport Mode and the engine screams! I can only imagine what adding a cold air intake could do.

The interior is sport and the lux-suede seats are super comfy.

The technology in this car is almost of German quality, and the car can even steer itself at +72 km/h, in addition to other features like adaptive cruise control.

Would I recommend this car? HELL YA! Trust me, for a 2.4L engine it's incredible. That is coming from a guy who has driven MANY V8s, and several 4/6 cylinders.

I get about 11.5 L/100KM, which is about 15-20% higher than the posted rates, but I have a heavy foot. ALSO, I used to put premium in this car, but after switching to regular I noticed there was no performance/mileage decrease, so I've been putting in regular ever since.

Again, would I recommend this car? HELL YA!

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Review Date: 7th February, 2017

8th Feb 2017, 17:55

Are you a car salesman from Acura?

29th May 2019, 19:29

I agree 100% that it is a surprising car. I didn't even look at Honda cars when searching for a sport sedan, because I knew they were front wheel drive. But then I drove one, and I was shocked at the great handling. Ended up buying an A-spec model. But the Civic Si engine is a high revving 2.0 liter with a different personality. The 2.4 liter in the ILX has more low rev grunt and thrust, and it's better suited to a semi-luxury car. The reason the ILX feels as quick and more responsive than more expensive cars with bigger motors, is it's hundreds of pounds lighter. I love it!

2014 Acura ILX Premium Package 2.0L I4 from North America


Great little luxury car for those on a budget


No issues (yet).

General Comments:

The car is beautifully designed, both inside and out.

Although others comment that the 2.0L I4 engine is underpowered, it still delivers adequate passing power and acceleration.

Great amenities (Premium Pkg), such as leather heated power adjustable seats and halogen headlights, Premium Audio and standard reverse camera.

Fuel economy is too early to tell.

Handling is excellent, and the suspension is nice and tight.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2014

5th Sep 2014, 23:59

Great car so far after 8000Km. Gas consumption is a little high so far, but the car is nice and smooth. The GPS works well and the sound system is awesome with the tech package. I would recommend to lease it since the car is very expensive.

2013 Acura ILX 2.4 from North America


A surprising little car


Nothing as of yet.

General Comments:

The ILX is a very quick and snippy car that you wouldn't know until you drive it. The 2.4L iVTEC 4 cylinder is sedate at low RPMs, but is a total screamer up high in the rev range. All while being super smooth.

It has a good looking exterior, if on the conservative side, but it looks upscale and looks more expensive than the asking price.

The interior is put together very well and fits in well with the rest of the Acura line. Noise levels are on the higher side, but it adds to the sporty nature of the car.

The seats and overall comfort of the interior are very good. Stereo system on the premium package could be more powerful, but it's OK.

The transmission (6 speed manual) is an utter joy to row through the gears. It has a mechanical feel, and coupled with a slick and light clutch, it makes shifting so much more fun than an autobox.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2012