1992 Acura Integra LS 1.8L from North America


This car is awesome


Hood has a hard time closing.

Driver's side window has a slight clicking noise when you put it up.

Hard to get into 1st and 5th gear sometimes.

General Comments:

Handles well at high speeds.

Very quick.

Comfortable and roomy (unless your in the back seat)

This was my first car and I love it, I used to drive a Cavalier and this is way funner to drive than that.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2007

1992 Acura Integra GS 1.8 liter DOHC Gas from North America


It's the first and only Honda that I truly love


Bought the car with non working A/C.

ABS is not working, bad accumulator pump.

Bad body repair to damaged right rear quarter panel, leaks water past the right tail light.

Left front fender is damaged.

CV shaft boot torn on driver's side.

Engine head had a nasty noise coming from it when the engine was running.

Needed a tune up and oil change when I bought it.

At 196000 miles, the timing belt broke while I was driving home from a friend's place. Replaced the belt, and the car runs amazing, and thankfully no bent valves.

Normal high mileage Honda B-series engine oil leaks.

The HAVOC. controls only work when they want to. I know how to fix that, just need time.

Main fuel relay switch went bad, minor thing that kept the car from starting sometimes when the car was warm or in hot weather. Easy fix.

Rear defog is messed up, only about a 4 inch section of the window thaws/defogs.

General Comments:

Well, I can say that yes, these cars do have their little issues, and that those issues add character to the car the way I see it. The HAVOC controls on the LS and GS/GS-R models can be a pain in the neck, and the main fuel relay goes bad because of old age and heat, but this is simply an amazing little car. I bought mine for $800.00, and during its 15 years of life, it has been abused, badly.

I am in the process of getting my car back into good shape, because I have fallen in love with the 1990-1993 Acura Integras since the first one I drove just 4 years ago. They have great performance stock, and with just minor mods (my car has an exhaust, nothing extreme like the "Racing" exhaust most people tend to use, and a cold air intake) they can be very, very fun.

I do have a few leaks in my car, but because I am part of a website dedicated to the 1990-1993, I know how to fix those, and I know many other little tips and tricks to fix anything that goes wrong with the car.

If you have an Integra, be it 4 door or hatchback, go to www.g2ic.com and look around; they have a lot of things there to help find parts and more. If you have any questions about the Integra as well, and don't want to have to visit a website and search around, drop me an email at: dragonatheart195@hotmail.com. Just put in the subject: Integra help.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

6th Nov 2007, 16:35

Thank you for the link, it is very informative and useful.

13th Feb 2008, 03:14

As an update, my car has 205,000 miles now, and still running strong, and I still love my car, and to those that went to the link I included, if it helped, your welcome.

6th Mar 2008, 00:00

I love my Acura, and I don't have any plans to dispose of it. Although it has some flaws, like my air filter (http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/shop_parts/air_filter/acura/cl.html) had to be changed from time to time. But still, consider it as one of the best cars ever.

24th Sep 2010, 01:14

Update: the seats kill me on long trips, so about the only reason I would not rate it lower than 6 on comfort was because of good ergonomics, and the dead pedal was a nice touch too. That, and the build quality of the interior was amazing for a 15+ year old car.