15th Aug 2004, 21:07

RX7 - rotary engine has limited engine life/miles that can be driven, the apex seal wears every mile you drive, it's a fast car, but won't last long,

VW R32 - VW is known for poor build quality and high repair/part price, and it's not that fast... in US you don't get the turbo V6...

Mitsu GSX? - these so called 2g dsm with 7 bolt motor is know to have crank walk, warranty does not cover it, engine dies need a new one... poor transmission, most GSX transmission are known to be poorly shimmed, very heavy car, stock brakes are over worked...

Acura integra GSR, fast enough and yet gas efficient, and of course, super reliable, low maintenance cost, no matter how hard you beat on it, they keep on going... there are mods to make it even more reliable and powerful... and very very fun to drive on a track, it's not always about the straights...

11th Nov 2004, 05:39

GSR reliable, EASILY BUILT UP too take out all 3 not to mention v6 models you brought up.

18th Jan 2005, 20:44

Come on Integra haters. Think about it, an I4 with 170 horsepower, never mind the VTEC which surprisingly makes a huge difference, going against a V6... (Gas guzzler). You'd think the V6 would win any day buy you should only talk unless you've been in a race with these two. After third gear, you're gone in the Integra, especially if you're using race revs. If I were to buy a new car, I think I would pick the more reliable, rare, and gas efficient GSR or Type R.

12th Jul 2006, 22:36

Acura Integra, best car ever bought. It's an LS, but that's cool to.

First, to start off with, all other cars that were in previous comments are not that bad cars, every single car has their bad spots, EVERY CAR.

1994 LS 109k, replaced all hoses and axles about $300. Bought the car for $100 a year ago. Still driving it today, awesome buy and car.

1st Dec 2006, 22:30

I have had my 2001 Integra for about a month and a half now. Its not the GSR, it's a GS.

Also it's my first car ever with a manual trans, so I had to learn when I got it. But I'm the kind of guy who goes out for several hours just to drive around in the windy woodsy roads.

I think I would only be happier with two cars: a BMW M3, or a Mini Cooper S with the John Cooper Works kit, because this car is FAST for its size, and nimble as all get out.

I see these assholes with like a Ford that has the big ass muffler and I just burn them. Great fun.

Only one complaint. And that is that 5th gear is too low. Starts at like 40 mph, so when I'm going 80 on the highway, I'm at like 3500 rpm and not getting great mileage.

Its worth it though. These cars are perfect if you can't afford a real sports car, plus the hatchback makes it even more useful.

30th Dec 2007, 00:28

I own a 1999 Integra GSR. My cousin owns 4 of them. It is an extremely reliable and amazingly fun car to drive. Accelerates fast, superb handling. Just a nice, reliable, fun car to have. Also, amazing gas mileage!

24th Jul 2009, 08:45

I just bought a 2001 Acura integra gsr this car is awesome I love the way it drives and it's kicks "A"...