1994 Acura NSX 3.0L gas from North America


There is no better package


Nothing so far, although the tires are wearing fast. Next set of tires will be oriented a bit more towards longevity.

General Comments:

I've only had the NSX for 6 weeks, but so far, I'm very happy.

Ergonomics: I'm a little over 6 feet tall and am very comfortable behind the wheel. Could use a little more foot room (I have size 13 feet) but still okay during long rides, thanks to cruise control. There seems to be a bit less leg room on the passenger side though.

Shoulder and arm room are fine. Steering wheel is fully adjustable. My 6' 4" friend is also very comfortable behind the wheel. He has more room in the NSX than does he in his 1993 Mazda RX7.

Performance: The NSX is the first true "Sports" car I've owned so to me, it's fast and handles like it's on rails; however, it's definitely NOT the fastest/quickest or best handling car I've ever driven. Corvettes (newer) handle better and the list goes on about the cars are faster. Although, with 0 - 60mph in just under 5 seconds with no modifications, it's quicker than 99% of the other cars on the road.

Ride: The NSX has the nicest ride out of all the sports cars I've had the privilege to ride/drive in. The NSX has a very well mannered ride for those long distance travels. Spending 6 hours behind the wheel would be no problem.

Creature comforts: The air conditioning works great. The cup holder is pretty much worthless. No power steering on the 91-94 and 99' Zanardi edition NSX's which is fine with me. The front end is light enough that power steering is not really needed, except maybe when parallel parking. There is a small glove box that doesn't hold much.

Styling: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The NSX is the sexiest car on the planet. Pretty much every where I go, even at a gas station, people will ask me about the car. Other drivers will ask me questions while stopped at a traffic light, and leave me comments about what an awesome looking car it is. If you don't want to be the center of attention, don't be seen in the NSX.

Other: There is no other car that can deliver styling, performance, comfort, AND reliability like the NSX. By the way, on my last outing, I averaged 26 miles to the gallon. Oh yeah, it's also a low emission vehicle too.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2002

18th May 2003, 17:46

Last time I checked the Corvette had better performance, comfort and performance and comfort and performance. Who cares about reliability. Better performance!

7th Jun 2003, 00:27

Boy would I love one of these babies. I envy you. As for the Ferrari wannabe statement, from what I've read these cars can compete quite happily with a Ferrari F355/348TS (the equivalent models when teh NSX was fairly new), and that is a huge compliment to any car.

As for the corvette, I'd love to see the Vette match this car on build quality and comfort. Also, I care about reliability because anyone can make a car perform well. To do that while making it highly reliable, well built, and practical is the challenge. And from what I've heard, Honda really hit the mark there. They are a wee bit expensive though..

24th Nov 2003, 04:37

The next generation NSX will be a hybrid petrol / electric car which 4 wheel drive and a 450 BHP V10 3.6 liter Vtec unit.

2nd Feb 2004, 02:52

I thought the NSX had acceleration around the 5.5 second to 60 MPH mark for the mid 90's models. That was revised down to 4.7 second to the latest NSX-R's..

6th Aug 2004, 19:27

Hi Jacko, I was just browsing through an NSX 94'search as I am about to purchase my dream machine, yes you guessed right! it's a 94' auto australian spec, with power steering, twin airbags, clear engine cover, Night Rider LEDs vented discs all round, everything, but the ejecter seat? It had a prev owner (the sultan of Brunei) who apparently had 15 of them, and on one very hot sunny day he gave them all away to various friends??? like one does!,anyway, my mates say I'm nut's spending 25k on a 10 year old motor, adding what if I'm not happy with it after the purchase and what will it be like or worth in 5 yrs time??? etc. With this I have realised 2 main facts in life, (1). Jealousy is a funny thing... (2).The people who say money doesn't make you happy -haven't got any money... I will keep an eye on your survey and may add some more text soon. Cheers,Pove! Cheshire UK.