2006 Acura RL Standard Engine from North America


Just a massive let down... never again


Worst windshield wipers ever made, they simply do not work.

Electronics have all sorts of issues and personality disorders. Sometimes, you have to shut the car off and turn it back on to clear errors. The navigation system hangs, as does the XM radio.

The all wheel drive does NOT work in foul weather. I have been towed several times, in small amounts of snow. The ABS doesn't work either. The dealer says "they all do that"

The key fobs lose their minds occasionally, and the car won't start.

Gets 16 MPG on a good day.

General Comments:

It's pretty fast, and the chassis is very responsive, as long as the weather is nice, and the roads are dry.

The seats are comfortable, and the dash is nice.

This car was a total let down for me. It's pretty expensive, but it did not perform over time. Things broke, the dealer was annoying, parts were hideously expensive, and it had reliability problems that left me stranded on more than one occasion. It runs the AC compressor ALL the time. You have to dig through layers of menus to turn it off.

Acura is a decent brand, and surely Honda a decent company. However, this particular model is just goofy. I should have known better...

All the "features" they tout simply do not work as advertised. The AWD system is terrible. It does the OPPOSITE of what it's supposed to do, especially when you run the ABS at the same time. The wipers are so bad, I couldn't drive the car several times in bad winter weather... I've never had a modern car with wipers so bad.

At the end of the day, I would NEVER buy this car again. It was a total disappointment. I had a 4 year lease, and it goes back next month.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 27th April, 2009

2nd Aug 2015, 20:45

I just got a '07 RL and I do not have an issue at all with the windshield wipers! Are you using some crappy wipers that do not contour to the windshield? Try some Bosch Icons, they never have a problem!

27th Oct 2018, 12:02

I have a 2006 RL and it has been rock solid reliable. No issues. And the AWD works beautifully. You can switch the A/C on/off in one step. Either you have a lemon and/or little understanding about how cars work.