2007 Acura RL Base 3.5L V6 from North America


Overlooked gem!


Nothing yet, I just got it. Everything works perfectly, including the wipers that some people complain about (use Bosch Icons, they contour properly!) -- even had surprise flash floods when I test drove it, so I got a good test!

General Comments:

I traded in my Charger and got this RL. The Charger was nickel and diming me to death, and I figure if I pay that much for a car with such low mileage, it should not be having these sorts of problems. Imagine what it will be like with high mileage. Clearly not the right car for me, so I found myself an Acura RL and lowered my payment significantly. It's too early to tell, but I bet I will have fewer issues over the next 5 years than I did in the first 2 months of owning the Charger. If the car is a lemon, I'll post a comment, but I highly doubt it will be.

First and most importantly, I fit in the car. I can count on one hand the number of sedans made since 2005 that I fit in comfortably, so that says a lot. The cabin itself is rather small, but it is engineered to be as space efficient as much as possible, so it's actually quite comfortable; not only for me, but my kids feel they have better space in back than my previous car, a Dodge Charger, which is a much larger car overall. The seats are high quality leather, and there is a lot of padding underneath the leather, so they are very soft and comfortable.

Second, it has the best stock audio quality I've heard in a vehicle. While it is a Bose system, which is one of the most overrated brands ever (ask any real audiophile), the speakers really are surprisingly good for stock audio. No comparison to the aftermarket system I had in my 1984 Buick Electra, but good enough where I'm happy with it and it does not need replacing.

The steering is very tight on the car, and the suspension feels like a typical Honda except a little bit softer on the bumps. Very different than the loose steering and cushy suspension on the Charger, but still handles the rough roads that still haven't been patched from last winter equally well.

The acceleration is also acceptable and has more than enough power to pass people on a two lane highway. Why do I mention this? Because many other similar "luxury" cars simply do not, such as the Cadillac ATS with the 4 cylinder engine, or the Cadillac CTS with the 4 or the non turbo V6, which have absolutely abysmal low end power and cannot downshift twice fast enough to compensate.

Using the readout, I seem to have combined 23 MPG so far with a fair amount of city and highway driving on some hilly roads. I have yet to discover how accurate the readout is.

My biggest complaints are that it does not have a USB port that I can plug a USB drive with MP3s into. Judging from the model year, that would have been unique at that time. And the trunk space is rather limited, but the trunk layout is open and easy to access. Fortunately, we got my girlfriend a SUV last year, so we will use that for next year's camping trip.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2015

2007 Acura RL Gas from North America


Nice, but not great


Everyone told me what a wonderful car the Acura is, well guess what...

Driver's door doesn't stay open when exiting or getting into the vehicle. For some unknown reason it slams shut at the slightest touch.

Windshield wipers are the pits, the top half of the glass, right in the line of vision, for some reason doesn't clean itself when functioning. I have complained to the dealer twice, they did put a new pair of blades on, but it did not help at all. For some reason there does not seem to be enough pressure on the top half of the blade. Very poor quality control and design.

General Comments:

Nice car, but some of the electronics are not very good. Can't shut off information center once it is brought up on the screen.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006

22nd Aug 2006, 15:24

Funnily enough, Car and Driver reported quite a few problems with their long term fleet '06 RL. C'mon, Honda...

22nd Aug 2006, 19:27

These seem like very nitpicky points for what you get in return. I went from Mercedes to my 2nd new Acura and haven't lost anything other than the cachet.

20th Sep 2006, 17:24

Mine has been wonderful except for excessive spark knock while going up hills and when I come to a complete stop and gun the car to take off. The dealers say that this is normal and no lights are on, but I think that the car is ill.

My only other issue is that the drivers electric seat pops when the seat is moved and the seat has a bit of free play in it when one brakes, or accelerates hard.