7th Jun 2004, 18:02

I agree with the above comment, enough with the ridiculous comparing. Also, maybe your son burned out his clutch because he isn't very good at driving a stick?

5th Aug 2004, 16:34

I own an 02 RSX Type S and I haven't ran across any front wheel drive (stock) sports coupe yet that can outrun it. Hands down, the Type S is the best front drive sports coupe on the market. The smoothness of the 6-speed gearbox overshadows that of any BMW. Lastly, the "son" who burnt the clutch up. I wouldn't recommend this as a first car for a son or daughter. Way too fast. Should've bought a Honda Civic. I would be willing to bet money the clutch was burnt out trying to race someone.

1st Jul 2005, 20:03

I completely agree with this review. The Acura RSX is a great car to begin with - great looking design, speedy engine, and reliability. The Type-S is just awesome with beefed up extras to satisfy those sports car enthusiasts. But the best feature is the potential to make it even better. There are so many aftermarket upgrades to this sweet ride into a beast! You definitely get your money's worth with this machine, especially since its backed by Honda/Acura!

11th Jul 2005, 01:11

A 328i, driven right, would prove a match for an RSX-S.

19th Aug 2005, 21:00

I am looking at an Acura RSX and a Subaru WRX to purchase. I have to say the 03 WRX can really cook. Anyone have a comparison between the two?

30th Aug 2005, 11:21


I bought my Acura RSX-S in July of 2004. Perhaps one of my best purchases. The car was a little expensive, but a very affordable lease allowed me to get into the car.

Down Payment: $2800

Monthly Payment: $168

Residual: $14000 (est.)

Not bad. Anyways... now for the car.

This car handles great, accelerates hard and brakes nicely.

When comparing this car to any other Japanese Sports compact, nothing else really compares. This car beats most of the cars in its class and the only car that shifts smoother is a BMW.

I love the VTEC rush. At 5000rpm, the car pulls like a jet being launched off a carrier deck. And the sound of the motor during this rush is exhilerating.

The RSX-S hasn't let me down in the turns. It tends to act like a rear wheel drive car with a tendancy to over steer. And a few inputs of the brake can correct any turn.

Overall, I really do enjoy this car. It does most of the things I ask of it. And the reliability of the car is great. The fit and finish is high and the simple feel of the car is great. I love the interior. This car is a great car for any enthusiast that is interested in having a daily driver with great manners.

28th Sep 2005, 21:08

How much gasoline it eats?? the model with 150-160 horsepower (i don't know how much are they :) )

12th Dec 2005, 20:00

Our 2004 RSX-S was bought new in July 2004. This week the clutch suddenly quit working. There wan't any slow progression of poor clutch performance. The dealer says it needs to be replaced. It only has 11,000 miles on it, but isn't covered by warranty. We have loved the car: looks and performance.. but I'm wondering if this clutch problem may be a manufacturer's defect... this isn't a "first car" or even a first performance car.


22nd Dec 2005, 20:38

My 2003 RSX-S has 30,500 miles on it. I replaced the clutch just under a year ago when the car had 19,000 miles. The clutch went again yesterday, 12/21/05--very suddenly after just another 11,500 miles. This doesn't seem right. I've been told that these clutches often last for close to 100,000 miles. What's up? Have others had problems with these clutches?

15th Mar 2006, 12:30

I have a 2003 RSX Premium with roughly 80,000 km (approx. 50,000 miles) on it and the clutch is still very strong. "Riding your clutch" (IE. resting your clutch foot on the clutch pedal while driving) is a bad thing that MANY people do without realizing it. When you rest your foot there, you can inadvertently push the pedal slightly which can relieve pressure/friction on the clutch disk causing it to slip and thus wear out more quickly. Keep your foot away from the clutch pedal unless you need to use it, and you should get 80,000-100,000 km out of it.

7th Aug 2007, 23:27

I'm REALLY want to get an RSX for my first car. I've been working hard and am almost ready to go for the deal. Of course I can't afford a new one and am planning to go for a used 2002 or something. Being a performance car, I am a bit worried that if I buy the car used it will be "worn out" so to say, from previous abuse. Is this a justified reason to be concerned when buying a used rsx?


Is the type S a better deal than the regular model?

14th Jun 2009, 20:54

Well I just bought a 2004 RSX type-S and I'm not sure if it was or wasn't abused before me. But all I can say is she drives real fast (at least compared to my dad's Hyundai Elantra). The leather was a bit worn out and the 3rd gear is a little tricky (but I've read that that's a common problem among RSX owners).

This is my first car, I would see some of my friends getting piece of crap cars and I said to myself... NO, I will not let myself drive a junk car just because it's all I can afford. I waited before I could actually buy something that looked good and drove amazing. And that's what I got with this car...

Overall, I love this car... it goes real fast and is real good on gas. Its great for taking corners and also turning heads when the vtec kicks in!! I take it out for a drive on nice sunny days just because it's a blast to drive. I would have never just taken out my dad's Hyundai Elantra for a ride... no way.

14th Oct 2009, 21:03

There is absolutely no way that a clutch can "wear out" in three thousand, or even ten thousand miles. I work in an automotive shop and there is a problem bigger than riding the clutch if your clutch gets smoked at a few thousand miles.

I had a 1992 Integra with three hundred thousand on it, bought it with a clutch that was on its way out. I popped the clutch and squealed my tires up til third gear almost every time I accelerated. The clutch still lasted for another twenty five thousand.

I know of someone who has an Accord with two hundred thousand miles on the original clutch.

So, in answer to some of the questions... I don't think there is any way that the clutch can be worn out in five thousand miles, even if it was abused.

I love the RSX, especially the Type S, and would probably buy one, but I do think that a clutch issue would not be surprising. It could be from improper clutch installation, or from not machining the fly wheel. Just putting that out there.

11th Sep 2015, 22:29

I've owned a 1967 Mustang (RWD). I also worked as a tech for Chevrolet, so I have driven my share of Corvettes (RWD). The aforementioned cars when they break, especially when driven hard, can be expensive, not to mention the initial cost of a Corvette, and the insurance costs as well. I want something that is going to be fun to drive, reliable, and not having me to constantly reach for my wallet for gas money or a car part or insurance bill. That's why I own an 06 Type S. Bought it used, and in 5 years of ownership, I've had no mechanical issues, just maintenance.