31st Jan 2004, 00:59

There is a special spray that you can spray into the fresh air intake or something like that to help the smell. I had a Jetta that used to do that and they sprayed that stuff into it and it helped me out a lot more.

21st Feb 2004, 15:54

I believe that the rotten egg smell is due to a problem with the catalytic converter... Check it out. That's what Honda is telling me about my brand new 2004 Accord.

10th May 2004, 21:40

One thing that works excellent is to buy one or two of those hanging air fresheners, they work great.

1st Feb 2005, 09:56

The smell was the result caused by the additives in the fuel mixture. The culprit is the chemical called ethanol. Ethanol can be found in all lines of Sunoco gas, which is derived of canola oil. If you want to avoid the rotten egg smell, change to another brand of gas that doesn't use ethanol as an additive. I've personally had the same experience with 4 separate cars. 2000 Honda Civic SIR, 1998 Acura Integra, 2002 Acura RSX, and 2004 BMW 330Ci. In all instances, it was the gas...

13th Mar 2005, 22:17

I need an opinion quickly. I live in Ohio, and I've been researching 2002 RSX for a while. I have read nothing, but great things about the car. I am about to in the next two or three days buy a specific one that is Automatic with 50,500 miles for after tax and trade in and all, $14,211.00. The warranty just ended, and it is not certified. Only one owner and it was the guys wife driving it. The only thing ever wrong with it was bad gasoline that needed flushed out and a burnt out headlight. I blue booked the car and it booked for $16,100. I am wondering in your opinions if you think I should continue as planned with this specific RSX, even though it has 50,000+ miles and is not certified, thank you.

26th Mar 2005, 01:18

The sulfur in gas I believe is from the addition of thiols. since thiols smells so bad, they are added to gas for the detection of gas leaks.

Thiols do smell like rotten eggs, skunk...

Its not ethanol. ethanol is the alcohol in beer, wine vodka, etc.

6th Aug 2005, 23:27

The advice to avoid gasoline with alcohol additives is incorrect. That won't make the exhaust stink. Besides, in states like Connecticut, ALL the gas is 10% alcohol these days. You have NO choice.

18th Mar 2006, 08:29

I had this problem and heard the same 'buy different gas' suggestions. In the end the problem went away when I happened to buy a new Oxygen Sensor. I don't have a theory just an observation.