1997 Acura SLX 3.2 from North America


Good winter truck




Valve cover gaskets.

CD player.

Worn driver's seat.

Slow windows.

Belts are fraying.


General Comments:

First off, let me say that I bought this truck for a winter vehicle, and I was expecting to have more repairs than this, especially on a 13+ year old truck. My summer vehicle is a Chrysler 300C SRT8, so it is hard to compare between the two.

I purchased this car about a month ago. The day I purchased it, the starter went out, which cost $500, because it's in a terrible location.

The valve cover gaskets leak, I haven't had these replaced because of the outrageous amount it would cost me. Around $700.

One of the 3 belts (serpentine I think) is fraying and will need to be replaced. Of course its the belt that is in the worst location, and will cost roughly $300.

The CD player doesn't play CD's.

I replaced the shocks as soon as I bought the truck, because they were the originals and in horrible shape.

All in all, I am very impressed with the handling and ride of this truck. It's extremely underpowered, but it does the job. The huge sunroof is awesome, along with the heated seats that still work! I plan on keeping this truck until it doesn't run anymore, which it seems like it should easily last me another 50k+ miles.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2010