12th Aug 2003, 16:07

You said it, and I read it a little too late. My biggest compaint are also squeaks and rattles and the bumps that jolt you for every dips and rises on the road. Other than that, the car runs great! (huh?)

31st Mar 2004, 00:52

First of all, if you have problems with the wind noise. I have a solution, roll up your window! I am very content with my Type S. Not only that, but the service I get is superb (Riverside, CA.). They treat everyone like they are V.I.P. You also get a free oil change for as long as you own the car! Frankly, to be honest with you I'm sure you did not buy your TL impulsively! You did do your homework before purchasing, right? Plus test drove the car too? So, I do not understand where your complaints are with the car, besides the customer service!

30th May 2004, 15:53

My 2000 Acura 3.2 TL, while a beautiful car, is a death trap! I am currently on my 3rd transmission--not covered by a warranty this time! This was after the automatic transmission failed and "self-shifted" from 5th at 65 mph down to an immediate 1st at about 5-10 mph, giving me whiplash like symptoms and burning out some mean tread off my tires! The local Acura dealership was NOT helpful, and charged an obscene amount for the repairs that should be repaired as a recall!! I WILL be unloading this car SOON!!! Buyer beware!

10th Jun 2004, 12:32

For those of you complaining about the suspension on your Type-S TLs, did you not understand that the Type-S is the sporty version of the TL? You can't have great handling and cushy suspension together in one car, it just isn't possible. Did you even test drive the car? I would think that stiff suspension would have been something to make itself known after the first couple of bumps. Acura designed the TL for those who want to attack some twisties in the car, not just cruise around town. As for the rear windows, it's almost impossible to make a 4door sedan quiet with the rear windows down. There's too much turbulence created when allowing all that air into the car, but not giving it any way out.

9th Aug 2004, 10:34

Well this is my third Acura, my other two were the Legend, I absolutely love this car! Until two weeks after I purchased. I now have a "scratching" "thumping" coming from the gas pedal. It only does this upon acceleration after the car is off. Never when I'm driving. I've taken it twice to Acura, they never hear or feel it. If that isn't enough, I got the visor rattling so bad I can't have it down and the window is now making all sorts of "squeaking" sounds! I truly love this car, it's got some great things on it. It's in the shop right now, and if Acura says that they can't hear anything, I'm going to scream! Has anyone had this scratching & thumping on their gas pedal? Please let me know if you have. All I want is a luxury car that doesn't make noises, and it's embarrassing to have people ride with me and ask "what's that sound?" on a new car.