2012 Acura TSX 2.4L from North America


A valve in the braking system had to be replaced under warranty due to the brake pedal being stuck frozen during cold temperatures. When I mean stuck, I actually mean the pedal would not move from its position and the car would be unable to stop. These events all occurred when I cold start the car after it has been sitting for a day or two in minus 10-30 degrees C weather.

Battery was replaced under warranty due to the car having trouble starting in cold weather temperatures.

Passenger side wheel well cover destroyed at no fault of the car, but was caused by an accident that had occurred in front of me on the highway and the debris damaged the wheel well cover.

Dealing with the dealership was surprisingly nice; a very nice change from dealing with General Motors. Acura accepted the fault and replaced it no questions asked. The gave me a new battery and detailed my car for me. I also had an ILX as a loaner, which also came with an active XM radio, so I was not inconvenienced one bit.

General Comments:

The Acura TSX is my daily driver. Use the vehicle for 200km a day on the highway. The fuel mileage has been acceptable and the performance has been everything I asked of it. Passing on the highway is a breeze, and the car's handling characteristics make it stable at high speeds for such a small car.

The car is behind the times in terms of technology. There is no push button start, no reverse camera, no GPS (but it does come with the tech package), except for the push start. The premium stereo quality is acceptable.

Road noise at times can be annoying. The hands free Bluetooth can be a pain; there seems to be a noise in the background when speaking with someone.

The car handles well in snowy conditions with winter tires.

The interior is well put together and overall seems to be holding up. No squeaks or squeals.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2015