2013 Acura TSX Base 2.4 from North America


Not ready for German, then this car is for you :)


Mechanically, there are none.

I have had this car for 2 years and there is no problem, but I had a battery problem once...

It was minor problem where I did take very short trip and parked the car for 2 hours, and when I came back to start the car, it had a hard time starting. After waiting for 5 minutes, the car did start, but it is likely that it was my fault for the short trip.

Called the dealers for the problem, but it never actually happened ever since. So it is likely that battery had not charged because of the short trip (2 blocks).

Other than this issue, I do have some kind of vibration noise at the driver's side speaker. It feels like something is loose and it needs to connect to something. It is annoying, but I will talk to the dealer once I get to my oil change.

Also, I had door molds off and asked the dealer to put them back on with no charged asked.

General Comments:

Generally speaking, I am loving this car because it is my dream car (reality) ever since the 2009 model...

But, being unbiased, the power of the car 201 HP (2.4l) is under powered, but not to extent where it does not accelerate the way I wanted.

The car is smooth, but can be rough on roads that are rocky and filled with pot holes. With music on, you don't hear much road noise, but turning off the music gets you lots of road noises that I didn't expect from a premium brand...

The handling is fine and fare wells for such small car. Braking in my opinion is below average and it needs some effort for the car to stop at a sudden stop.

Mechanically, I don't have a major issue because it's technically a new car (16200 miles) and running strong.

The Acura dealer is a pleasant experience where they don't try to sell you off, but when something needs a replacement, they tell you.

It is costly for oil, filter, and tire rotation, but just do the oil and filter, and do the tire rotation at your local shop... I recommend you to go to the Acura dealer for the oil and filter change since they use Acura genuine products so there's your 50-60 bucks, but it's well spent.

The car is not as roomy, especially in the back, so don't have anyone over 6ft in the back of the car.

Gas is decent... I drive in the city most of the time, so gas mileage does tend to be bad, but my overall has been 24.3 MPG for the lifespan of this car. Decent for a small car in my opinion.

Because the 2nd generation TSX was offered in 2009, there is a lack of many technology features that I wished Acura should have implemented, but did not...

Technology like a standard back up camera is not included, NO PUSH START nor proximity key (disappointing) and outdated navigation... Speakers are decent and there are no safety features like lane collision etc.

But overall, I am loving this car and it's running strong as of today...

If I were to asked to buy this car again, then no... but with technologies like push start and back up sensing and all of those features, then yes, but then there is the new TLX...

A great car and a GREAT cruising vehicle, so go for it!!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th May, 2015