1997 Alfa Romeo 146 Ti 2.0 TS from Malaysia


Provides endless driving entertainment


Nothing major, other than engine mounts (forgivable) at 175,000km, a few minor electrical gremlins (rare), and a totally worn through interior, especially the seats.

Engine has been almost 100% reliable so far, and the only major components that have been changed are the variator and the water pump; the latter out of an abundance of caution, more than anything else.

Oil changes are 5000km (full synthetic) and belts every 30,000km.

Other service items to note are shock absorbers & front lower suspension arms.

General Comments:

Despite having a hard life of almost 193,000 km, the car has been surprising reliable. Other than having cracked a sump last year (my stupid fault), nothing major needed replacing.

Dealer service and especially the spare parts situation in Malaysia sucks big time, so unless you are prepared to play intelligent with 3rd party repairs and service, it's a vehicle I would avoid for the obvious reasons.

The recent addition of a pair of C&B camshafts and a Squadra chip adds another 200% to the fun factor of this car.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2012

1997 Alfa Romeo 146 ti 2.0 TS 16v from Israel


A quick sporty and handling car in a reasonable price



Oil Pressure Sensor stopped working and was replaced by a new one.

Original stabilizer bushings were replaced by polyurethane bushings (SUPERFLEX).

A/C switch is broken, so I have to use a paper in order to get the a/c working.

General Comments:

Very sharp and quick steering.

Great brakes, no fading even under intensive use.

Lovely design and beautiful sound.

Poor ground clearance, have to be extra careful when driving over speed bumps.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2008

1997 Alfa Romeo 146 Ti 2.0 16v Twin-spark from UK and Ireland


Fast, and a hell of a lot of fun!!!


Electric windows had a funny 5 minutes.

Kept blowing fuses due to live feed (blue and red) wire shorting out.

General Comments:

OK, I've had my ti for about 6 months now. the first time I drove it, I fell in love with the precise steering and fantastic engine note.

Now I've had time to get used to all the characteristics of it, I absolutely adore it!

It isn't the most comfortable car in the world. I'm 6'2 and it took me a while to get used to the short leg driving position. Also having size 12 feet doesn't help when it comes to the close-together pedals. Also, the drivers seat never seems to go low enough. But these things are all forgiven after a few hours driving this car.

The first time you take this car out at about 4am, when the roads are deserted, on a nice cool crisp spring morning, round a nice fast B-road, you'll want to marry it.

You pull away gently, creeping up to about 3800rpm in first gear, then nail it just as it enters the power-band! Before you've had time to think, your at 7000rpm shifting into 2nd with the rifle bolt gear-change, being thrown back into the seat once more. 3rd gear, 4th gear 110mph, corner coming up, blip the throttle, down to third, you turn in slightly with the quick rack, holding the line, steering with the throttle. Christ what a buzz! The noise, the torque, the agility, it leans into the bend with the slightest body-roll, then just seems to stiffen. Fantastic!

Must watch out for lift-off over-steer in the wet though!

In all seriousness, it's not the best car in the world by a long shot. Or the best built. And it can also be twitchy on the motorway due to very tight, sensitive steering.

The interior can be flimsy, most notably in my experience, the door cards and interior door handles surrounds become brittle.

I haven't had any major problems really, just niggly electrical gremlins like the electric windows packed up then after a week, decided to work again for no reason and have been fine ever since!

Also, I lost the use of all dash instruments, electric mirrors, reverse light, and windscreen washers. After tearing the car apart looking for the cause, managed to trace it to 1 single wire that provides live feed to dash pod was shorting out on the bodywork. replaced wire and bingo!

The engine is a cracker. 2.0 16v twin-spark. 150bhp as standard. All I've done is put a Pipercross panel filter and cold air feed pipe into airbox, and the car was rolling roaded at 156bhp. Best £30 I've ever spent.

I raced a Saxo vts and beat it. Say what you will, but their pretty quick little cars so I was pleased.

Most of the RS turbo and saxo boys don't know what the 146 ti is, or capable of which is part of the fun.

So, would I recommend one?

Definately! But for god's sake, look after it, and change the oil regularly.

Do this, and you will have one performance bargain that I guarantee will put a smile on your face every time you get a clear road in front of you.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006