7th Feb 2005, 00:17

The is definitely full of error. My 147-Selespeed is acting like windows "XP" - it "hangs". The car stays in one gear and doesn't allow me to change to a higher or a lower gear. then I would have to stop by the side of the road and hope the system will restart and function properly. Then it works if the car stops for some hours. But these are regular problems and I cannot drive this car anymore without being worried that it might "strike" anytime.

I was told that this problem exists in the 2001 and 2002 models. However one can never be too sure. the car is computerized and the computer is full of bugs and therefore one day a 147-Selespeed Failure may cost you your life. I don't advise anyone to get this car. Alfa are very stylish and fast, but there's no reliability in these cars at all. I'm slowly paying extra maintenance costs for this car... not worth it at all.

19th Nov 2005, 08:40

I have got an Alfa 156 Selespeed. Just had total gear selection failure for the first time. My gear indicator was flashing on the 2nd gear, and it would tell me it was selecting 3rd, but would go into neutral. I have heard if you disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, then it will go back to factory settings. I was wondering if I disconnect my battery, will it not affect my key code, and then Alfa will bill me £85 to recode the key.

Please email me on phill.v@btinternet.com with your solutions and thoughts.

20th Nov 2005, 06:23

Very Very BAD build quality, and Reliability issues on these cars.

27th Jan 2006, 16:07

My 2001 147 2.0 Selespeed has now covered 63,000 miles without any problems at all! I find it an absolute joy to drive and own.

1st Feb 2006, 23:16

I have a 2004 Alfa 147 that has done 22,000km. Only issues I have had have been the selespeed system failure. Twice it has been to the workshop to have the clutch sensor replaced, but it took 5 visits to the work shop for them to sort out the problem. Support from my dealer has been poor and has put me off from ever buying another Hot looking pile of junk.

20th Feb 2006, 10:40

The key word is battery! I have a 2001 Alfa 147 selespeed, and I also had the similar problems with the selespeed system, as you mentioned above. Until I found somewhere on the net that if the voltage of the battery decreases under ~11V, the body computer is not able to control the gearbox properly. I changed my battery to a new high powered Varta Blue, I check the voltage regularly, and all the failures have disappeared.

So simple.

30th Aug 2007, 08:32

During the first 20K km, my 147 encountered 2 times of selespeed. Brought to dealer, they did a calibration n adjusted the clutch free play.

Then it went worst w 3 times of selespeed system failure after replacing new battery, tenax around 22K km.

All these encounters only lasted for 5 to 10 sec. And car still could be driven without switching on n off.

Appreciate your advise on selespeed system failure.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:00

I have owned my 2001 Alfa 147 Selespeed for 3 months, and have had nothing but trouble from day 1!!! They are absolutely useless!! My advice to anyone is sell and get a German made workhorse instead. I can't fault Alfa Romeos on style, but that's where it ends... unreliable, rattly and have no re-sale value!

30th Oct 2010, 14:45

I have a (Y) 2001 147 Selespeed, and I broke down on the side of the road, and it's stuck in 3rd gear and won't come out of 3rd. Is there anyone out there who knows the problem? Thanks.

1st Nov 2010, 01:14

This is just guesswork, but here goes:

1: First, try swap your Bosch relays around inside your fuse box in the engine compartment. The relay for the air con is interchangeable with the one for the selespeed.

If the selespeed engages, then the problem was the relay. Get a new one. Congratulations! That was cheap. If not, then...

2: Check the ATF levels in the selespeed reservoir. No ATF = no selespeed. Although the car will warn you beforehand by beeping if your levels get low.

3: Are there red ATF leaks under the car? It could be that you are having actuator problems with too much pressure? Here it goes - expensive. You will need a proper Alfa mechanic to solve the problem. Other problems could by leaking seals and / or a blown pump. If so, you have my condolences.

It goes without saying that you should check all the fuses relevant to the problem beforehand. Sometimes one gets lucky and a seemingly insoluble problem is simply a fuse that has burnt out.

10th Jun 2019, 10:47

Hi, I have an Alfa Romeo 147 Selespeed. I want to know what is the name of the oil you put in the gearbox, and how many litres or pints do you put in?