1992 Alfa Romeo 155 super 2.5 V6 from Netherlands


Italian power with a great noise!


Rear Brakes had to be replaced. Some small stuff in the engine too.

General Comments:

The noise of the engine is great. Performance is already at low rpm very good getting very good above 4000 rpm. You feel the car has a heavy V6 engine and fwd, but the handling is OK!

Fuel consumption is quiet OK for such an engine.

Great car!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2005

1992 Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 from Belarus


Leaky cam belt tensioner at 200.000km, repair cost an awful (work+tensioner+belt).

A/C tension pulley died at 205.000.

Faulty rear brakes, handbrake too.

Leaky engine radiator.

Exhaust completely rusted away.

A/C not working.

Temperature contact died, engine overheating.

Oil level sensor died.

ABS sensor died.

Squeaky interior and dashboard.

Fuel, engine temperature and oil pressure indicators go wrong sometimes.

Bad designed engine compartment - hard to repair almost any device or connector.

General Comments:

+ Good engine sound and low torque, free revving.

+ Beautiful Italian styling.

+ Good road holding.

+ Precise steering.

+ Roomy cabin.

- Squeaky interior and dashboard.

- Very harsh ride.

- Dealer service is very bad and completely incompetent (in Belarus)

- Absolutely crazy prices of spare parts, aftermarket parts RE not reliable.

- Understeer due to the big engine - it's too big for this FWD car.

I would not recommend buying one. This car is very sexy and engine sounds great, but it will costs you a fortune to repair. If you want to buy a sporty sedan, look at Honda. It's much more reliable and well engineered.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

1992 Alfa Romeo 155 V 6 from Netherlands


A great getaway scorcher!


Recently the ABS light comes on then disappears.

Replaced a few light bulbs for the rear stop lights.

General Comments:

Compared to my 911 which was stolen the Alfa is an average car. I bought it precisely because it looks fairly innocuous, but opted for the 6 cylinder version. In spite of the high mileage I still blow away those obnoxious Golf en 300 series Beemers in daily traffic.

The Bosch injection is super and the brakes are excellent..maybe a little fading.. still not bad for an Italian sedan with more than 240 k on the clocks.

Would like to try a Q4 now.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

1992 Alfa Romeo 155 8v 1.8 from Greece


A very high performance bargain


Blown ventilator regulator, water pump and thermostat all at one time!

General Comments:

I was skeptic when I bought it due to high mileage. It is a terrific car, with no problems at all. The usual Alfa reputation does not apply here! Handles like on rails and is very fast. The only problem is high engine noise above 5.000 rpm. Mine has a hole in the exhaust and I suggest that every 155 owner drills one too, because the sound is fantastic!! I am very happy with this car. Has very spacious interior and the boot is huge. I drive it for 3.000 km per month on average and I take long trips. This car is made for driving pleasure and you can find it at very low prices.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

1992 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 2.0 8V from Singapore


Steering column developed a knocking sound when turning, but it has since been fixed, damaged steering rod.

Door opening sensor recently just went off completely, due to visit garage soon, should be just some minor work.

Celing upholstery coming off, though not a big problem but an eyesore.

General Comments:

Engine eager to sprint, engine sound is so sweet up the RPM. With good care and a bit of self touch, the average make quality will last even longer. Overall this car will be an Icon.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2000