1995 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 2.0 turbo from Romania


Really good for calm down the BMW M3 owners


Almost nothing!

The front bumper is got loose

The turbine has a bolt that was throw in the exhaust.

The engine is going from 0 to 110 degrees to fast.

General Comments:

The car is amazing!!

It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in under 7 seconds.

If someone ever wants a fast, but not glamorous car, this is the ONE.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

16th Jan 2005, 15:35

It's nonsense!! Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 was made only between 1992 and 1993, and its only 2700 this cars, so how you're one can be from 1995??!!??!!??!!

18th Jan 2005, 18:47

Q4 to calm down M3 owners? how in the world?! 186 hp to 286 hp (model from same year) by the way if you have a Q4 its from 1992 and not from 1995 but you're an owner, of course you know it... cof cof...

Speaking of knowing something, do you have any idea why the engine temperature goes from 0 to 110 degrees too fast?Answer: because its supposed to! besides its it normal temperature, the engine is manufactured with the adding of sodium salts so that the thermal conduction can be made faster, optimizing refrigeration and faster rising of temperature when the engine is started. Alfa Romeo unique feature, used since then on some high performance models.

Hope you've learned something, from your 236 th Q4 lucky owner friend..

21st Jan 2005, 22:22

Contributor who suggested Q4 not available 1995 - not so.

The Q4 made it through to '96.

So the guy was right about his excellent car - and its date.

24th Jan 2005, 13:32

The model year is not the same as year of made :) in that contest model year is about looking of car because in 1996 was few little changes in looking of car body so...

Better learn something about AR :)

23rd Aug 2007, 17:34

I used to work in a factory that manufactures turbocharger components. I'm baffled as to the reported problem, in your (grammatically fractured) parlance:

"The turbine has a bolt that was throw in the exhaust."

Assuming you mean turbocharger, when you say turbine (as the Q4 uses the Lancia Delta Integrale powertrain), there's no way a turbocharger can introduce a bolt into the exhaust stream.

28th Aug 2010, 01:39

Guys, guys, I am the owner of an Alfa 155 Q4 1996 model with wide body. I replaced my engine with a Lancia Delta HF Turbo Integrale Evolution 2 engine 1994 model. It has more power, and boosts up to 215 hp.

The car is great, because it has bigger manifold and some electrical changes. I adore this car, even though it's extremely heavy. My car is boosting around 255 hp.

Tarek Mourad, Beirut Lebanon.

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 TwinSpark 2.0 8v from Finland


Good handling for low price


Electric parts have several contact problems.

Lot of tweaks and squeks on dashboard.

General Comments:

Driver seat and driving position are horrible - uncomfortable and a real ergonomic disaster. All other cars I have driven (quite a few of them) have better driving position.

Very fast around corners.

Very nice motor. There is a lot of power to be used when revs are high. Sounds great! Max torque is at 5000rpm so revving is needed.

Very good looking - it does not get lost in masses.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2004

18th Jun 2004, 03:17

Hallo Steven: I have an offer to buy the same car you have: The car is from 96, and has 199600 km. It looks good. I want to know if the car engine has good durability an if it gives you problems of constant maintenance, because in Spain, Alfa Romeo it means problems. the price they want is 900

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark (Super) 2.0 from Finland


Best value for money



General Comments:

Someone in these reviews said that Opel/Vauxhall GSI is build better quality than Alfa... well that's total rubbish. Alfa is far more better than Opel/Vauxhall. What is Opel compared to Alfa? I must say, that Opel is just another standard car... nothing to offer. But Alfa, what else you can say about the car, but Cuore sportivo.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


An addictive performance car with high running costs, impossible not to love for its style


Air conditioning has never worked properly. Re-kitted, and re-gassed twice - now use sun roof!

Top hose blew at 50,000 - no damage.

Cam belt replaced at 60,000 but tensioner became dodgy at 89,000, resulting in new tensioner and belt.

Sound of slight gearbox wear in 1st and 2nd, but will live with that.

Eats front tires when driven hard.

General Comments:

A wonderfully responsive and powerful engine, even if travelling 5 up and with a full load in boot. Excellent low down torque, but really starts to 'get up and go' at 4000 revs.

Heavier V6 engine makes for under-steer.

Taut suspension gives bumpy ride round down, but sits down and motors superbly on highway.

High regular and preventative maintenance costs - if you want economy, go Japanese.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


A driver's car to stir the soul


Water leak into the interior by the fusebox.

Air con has never worked.

Leaking seals.

General Comments:

A wonderful car for the money, the world's best V6 engine with a glorious wail when pressing on. Razor sharp steering with confidence inspiring handling, good brakes. Great fun when pricking the egos of smug BMW drivers (why are they like that?). A car for those who understand what Italian cars are all about, forza Alfa!

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Review Date: 21st February, 2001

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 TS 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Drive belt for counter rotating balancer shaft broke (but car still worked fine!)

New Alternator.

Intermittent problem with brief power loss (yet to be fixed).

General Comments:

Great car to drive, a bit rattly especially on poor roads. Looks great. Obscure electrical quirks a bit annoying. Handling is excellent.

Overall it's never left me on the side of the road, but I have cursed at it a few times.

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Review Date: 11th October, 1998