9th Jan 2004, 04:05

As I have traveled through Egypt on several occasions and each time seen fatal road accidents, indeed with the passers buy just stood there looking at the corpses am I to assume that "drivers" like you have caused this? Bring your car to the UK mate and I'll race you around a proper racing circuit friend we'll soon see who wins. Also perhaps you better learn physics at college to understand weight displacement under braking and perhaps you may stay on the road a bit longer when taking corners

2nd Jul 2004, 16:34

C'mon lads, give this guy a break, he knows he's cool.

12th Aug 2004, 01:26

Well it's me the write of this review. I think that many of you has misunderstood the concept of racing here. We race on empty highways and not in the middle of traffic, so it is not actually exposing other people life's to danger.

For the guy who says that he would beat me on a race track, I just say that it would be an honor to lose from such a capable guy like you, I can't believe just how over-confident you are, which means I'll be able to beat you all day. By the way I am a regular participant of the Egyptian Carting Championship, so don't depend much on the race track thing.

And by the way, I said that I was slowing down from 120 km/h to enter the bend, I never said that I intended to take the bend at that speed. Just the very fine sand made it impossible to reduce the speed enough, so the car under-steered massively.

Anyways I wrote this review when I was 18, Now I am 22 and I can see that I was a little bit reckless then.

The car is still a beauty to drive over all these years.

12th Apr 2007, 14:22

Thanks for the amusing review.. the 156 is a special car no doubt.. i actually searched for a good one before I bought my Megane, but couldn't find any.. so how is the dealer in Egypt? do they have all spare parts etc?

3rd Aug 2007, 07:27

For the person asking about the Alfa dealer in Egypt, well rest assured it is done in the classic Alfa way, which means complete crap... A friend of mine also has a 156 and you wouldn't believe the trouble he had with every trip to the dealer -and being an Alfa you know the car loves her dealer-.

Very recently Alfa changed their dealer In Egypt, but we're still waiting for the feedback on that since the new one stopped importing Alfas altogether!!!

14th Dec 2010, 05:46

Is there any updates about an Alfa Romeo 156 spare parts dealer? If yes please send me an E-mail:


Have a wonderful day all.