6th Dec 2006, 04:50

I have a 2001 156 Selespeed, Low kms... less than 50000kms. Got stalled in traffic twice. 1st time Zagame's Alfa Service Centre said cable in actuator came lose, but charged $200 for labour to put back. 3 wks later, stalled again. Now, they tell me have to replace actuator for more than $3000...

Melbourne, Australia

9th Jan 2007, 16:57

Yay - I'm not the only one having a nightmare with a 2000 model Selespeed. A note to those in Melbourne, Aus... yes, Zagames are hugely expensive. There's a guy in Reservoir (I forget the company name) who does original parts and service for Alfa's - he's damn good and a whole lot cheaper.

And no - I won't be buying another Alfa if this car is any indication.

16th Feb 2007, 00:29

I've had the same problems with my 147 2.0 Selespeed.

Jumping from 5th to N.

Changing from 3rd to 5th (skipping 4th 3-4 second delay) and no way of down-shifting (just ignores the attempted down-shifts).

All these are caused by faulty actuator sensor.



5th Mar 2007, 04:55

I've just sold my 2000 Alfa Selespeed, after 7 years of relatively trouble free and hugely enjoyable driving. The only blip in that period was the cam belt going at 60,040 miles (just out of warranty!). However, around October 2006 time the gearbox started to miss 2nd and 4th, but only intermittently. Then, it stared doing it more regularly until it missed 2nd and 4th every time. So, after a recent recalibration (the machine said that nothing electronically was wrong with the selespeed gear box) it started missing 2nd and 3rd instead jumping straight to 4th, then deciding to free rev all the way to 8000rpms before changing to 2nd. It just got to the point where it was dangerous to drive and very frustrating, considering the money I had spent on her recently. I wasn't prepared to spend £1000+ on getting the actuator, or the sensors replaced in a car that had a market value of £1500/£2000 and so she had to go. I'm too embarrassed to mention what I bought as a replacement and am just looking 2 years down the line when I'll treat myself to a new 159!

13th Jun 2007, 03:38

The connection with F355 F1 is correct, Ferrari developed Selespeed for racing, the payback for Fiat money was access to it for the Alfa range.

The resulting 'robot' seems to be the weak link, lasts 70-80,000km. System is electro-hydraulic (45-50 bar) actuation of 3 pistons controlled by solenoids, monitored by sensors, to give 'x' and 'y' movement through h-gate and clutch action.

The gearbox itself is a standard Fiat C510 Tipo-Coupe etc box as is clutch. (didn't see a 'tensioner bolt'??? but there is an 8mm Allen head cap screw on input selector shaft which can break)

We've just repaired our first 156 Twinspark Selespeed in our 'shop. Fault was intermittent non-selecting reverse.

Tracked to above-mentioned broken casting. Pieces had lodged in behind selector rails, through vent ports. We had heard this breakage can happen, some weld them up, some replace casings NZ$1200!!! We welded plate in from outside after milling case (less distortion, stronger result).

On assembly, gearbox only gave 1-2-R with flashing fault light, this was due to slipped 'y' sensor. This sorted, we got 2-4-R, with above-mentioned 3 attempts by ECU to select odd gears. Required 'end-of-sequence' calibration on factory 'Examiner' to re-teach solenoid limits. You have to live with 'back-to-dealer' in this world, tried BMW??

In summary, its better than the '70s VW Stickshift in that they were auto + manual, cheaper, but not smoother in up-shift, downshift lots of fun... would I own one as a 30yr Fiat mechanic? No, ta



New Zealand.

3rd Aug 2007, 10:04

I have just purchased a 2000 156 Selespeed as my first car and these comments are making me extremely nervous. It has done 90,000kms and is in perfect condition Here is to hoping my gearbox holds up better than all of these.

10th Sep 2007, 02:56

I purchased my 2000 156 Selespeed 2 months ago. I'm now also worried.

One night, it started making squeeking noises as I drove. I quickly took it back home and drove my dad's car to my destination. The next day, when I wanted to show my brother the fault, it completely disapeared. I think it may be leaking a tiny bit of oil... but not sure.

It's at the mechanics now.

One thing I will say, these cars are hot to drive on the highway. But a nightmare in the city. Extremely smooth on highway, then extremely jerky in the streets.

10th Nov 2007, 08:27

Was just about to buy a stunning 156 Sportwagon with Selespeed gearbox, was advised by a friend to avoid at all costs, but was prepared to ignore him and buy with my heart, but reading these comments has ruined my day because I have been completely scared off, and my excitement shattered. Anyway thanks to everybody whose comments have most likely saved me a lot of frustration and money. Damn I'm still a BMW driver!



2nd Dec 2007, 04:23

I used to work at a Fiat/Alfa Romeo main dealership as an apprentice around the time the Selespeed was introduced. There was a problem spotted by many throughout the industry, which was... the oil in the Selespeed actuator would mysteriously disappear! On occasion the workshop foreman had taken a brand new 156 Selespeed home after an actuator replacement, and upon getting back to work the following day, the actuator when checked was dry, there wasn't even oil on his driveway. Unfortunately, I left the business back in 2000, so I do not know if this problem was ever resolved in any way, and as far as I know, they were never recalled for this problem.

11th Jan 2008, 15:35

I own my 2000 Alfa 156 Selespeed running for 160000KM... iI had many problems... but the garage stole my original parts and replaced them with broken ones.

FOR ANYONE WHO HAS PROBLEMS with the Selespeed gearbox that changes from any gear to N should ADJUST a SCREW which is placed in the gearbox at the LEFT. You only have to take out the tyre and the SCREW will appear to be able to be adjusted.

I hope your problem is able to be solved..

13th Jan 2008, 14:18

The ALFA 156 selespeed 160000KM is from LEBANON...I'm CHAR. Lee hope I can help every alfa owner.

29th Oct 2008, 17:09

I got an Alfa 156 Selespeed semi auto 2002 2.0ts, and I have had it 2 days and have a problem with the gearbox. I was changing down to 3rd when I heard the 3rd gear crunching, so I put it into neutral and stopped at the side of the road. Then I tried to select 1st gear again, and it would not go in, so I turned the ignition off to see if it would rectify it. I tried to start it, and it would not start, on the dash where it says neutral, 1st, 2nd and so on, the neutral (N) light was flashing and it had never done that before, and it just would not start.

Can anyone help, thanks Phil.

11th Nov 2008, 09:21

Alfa 156 Selespeed - it does have a mind of it own!!! Would you rather trust your own driving than an electronic device which decides for itself whether to go neutral approaching a round-about! Dangerous if you happen to drive one that is faulty. The problem was supposedly to have been serviced/ checked by the authorised dealer, yet the problem persist. Cost nearly £2000 for the repairs with no guarantee.