30th Aug 2007, 11:14

I have a 1999 156 2.0lt Twinspark that caused me nothing but trouble until a chance meeting with a company called Autodelta in London. They have been able to fix all my issues instantly. These have included completed engine rebuild caused by the bottom end bearings going. Upper and lower wishbones which make a squeaking noise when they are failing, and a knocking or thud noise when they have gone. It is worth getting both sides changed.

To add to the list of problems with my car, the front hub now needs replacing, caused by a tyre technician over tightening the wheel nuts.

5th Oct 2007, 06:01

I have bought my first Alfa (a 156 Twinspark 2.0 with Lusso trim and Sports pack) since an Alfasud put me off in the early 1980's. This one is a good one - no rattles, no squeaks, no electrical niggles, no oil required between changes.

It has been serviced properly throughout it's life and has done 65k miles in eight years. The car is adequately quick for modern roads and the suspension allows you to make full use of it. The brakes don't fade like they do on my Citroen C5 diesel and modified 1969 MGB GT.

What a revelation this car is. Not the fastest thing I've ever driven, but an excellent compromise. There is no rust and this car looks "box fresh".

I have replaced the radiator which was badly corroded and gave up when hit by a rock on the motorway, but that's been it so far.

I enjoy driving this car. I'm a classic car nut and have had six MGs, rebuilding three of them.

The Alfa with leather trim and woodrim wheel feels like a classic car, but the modern underpinnings means it drives like a modern should, what's more I can get 40mpg.

And the cost of this lovely piece of kit? £1700. Get one now, but get a good one.

7th Oct 2008, 07:48

Yep, I've just bought a 2000 reg 156 twin spark veloce and it also suffers from squeaky suspension going over speed bumps, am going to book it in with a local Alfa mechanic to replace the upper wishbones and see if that does the trick.