2008 Alfa Romeo 159 JTDm turbo diesel 16v from Netherlands


A great alternative for he who eats miles


Actually only the soot filter has gone wrong, and unfortunately the dealer fitted a smaller capacity unit 3 times in a row.

General Comments:

A FIAT in a designers dress, good value for money (I am Dutch). Reliability issues are nonexistent, and neither is the awesome Alfa Romeo feared corrosion.

It is actually a better driver's car then its predecessor, a 130 HP Passat TDI from 2001 (also chipped).

The steering, roadholding and brakes give a better feel, and the seats are going from hell to heaven compared to the Volkswagen's.

Although the Passat is roomier in the back, the boot is bigger; I see this as a small sports saloon.

Engine got a much needed new chip to improve performance and get better fuel economy.

Spares and service are both cheaper than the VW dealers used to charge me

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2011

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 Ti 2.2 JTS petrol from UK and Ireland


Miss 159 is better looking than her older sister Mrs 156... but you can still see the family traits


- Boot release - covered under warranty.

- Heated door mirror (left) stopped heating. warranty.

General Comments:

General comments on the car? One word, brilliant.

I flew to UK in May 08 to buy and drive my 159 back home to Ireland. What a car. When I arrived home I could have drunk a cup of tea and simply turned around and started the trip again! Very comfortable, very.


Motorway driving is brilliant.. I've had a chance to recently drive some other cars the length of the country (Cork to Dublin) for work purposes... Audi A6 (1.8Tdi), BMW (2.0 Petrol) and of course a Volvo S40 (can't remember the engine... does it matter?). I always found myself longing to get behind the wheel of the Alfa again... I can't put my finger on it but the driving position, even the weight of the steering wheel feels right (but that's just a personal thing). It also feels a lot nicer to walk up to one in a carpark..

On country/rural 'rough' roads... you have to go slow... sloooooow way down! It feels like you might break the car the suspension is so hard. You see the 'Ti' model has lowered/harder suspension, so that coupled with 19' 40-profile tyres does make the car a 'little' skittish on our terrible Irish roads (but they are improving, the roads that is).

On county/rural 'good' roads... what a blast! The cornering is excellent.. the Brembos all round (on the Ti model) do help with the braking... she feels solid, weighted, planted, stuck to the road. It's a reassuring feeling. The 2.2 Petrol is supposed to have 185BHP... in 1st and 2nd gear it feels like half that power... from 3rd gear up to 6th it feels a lot better.


The smell of leather. Need I say more?

...but, the backseats? not much legroom.


Well I was lucky with my car, she has mp3 USB port (for iPod) Blue&Me system, voice activated control, parking sensors, bluetooth phone thingy and other stuff etc etc.. One thing, I wish I could change the female voice in the car to a setting that sounds like Penelope Cruz or Sophia Lorraine... a car like that need an 'exotic' voice not a London accent! :) Then I could listen to "Please choose from the following commands" all day long...


It's a 2.2 Petrol. It's an Alfa...

As far as long term... who knows what else will break? I still have our older 156 and wouldn't sell it for the world. The 156 2.0TS engine/exhaust note is still gruntier (if there is such a word).. no argument, but the 159 feels bigger, more refined and more like a better quality car.

Finally I have to admit I don't care/worry about a cars reliability, running costs or depreciation.. I bought this car on its looks and driving experience alone... but then again, on what else should you judge a car?


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Review Date: 11th December, 2008

15th Dec 2008, 19:26

Your comments gave me goose pimples :)

My dream is a 159 ti with of course red paintwork :)

I'm on my 4th Alfa - 2000 156 2.0 TS Selespeed - and I am addicted to it, however I have had my share of kind of small issues with missus' 156 - but same as you, I don't care, it's all part of it and it's the drive. Alfa Romeos are an addiction to say the least.

My first Alfa was an 84 Alfasud Sprint, then an 86 33ti, then a 91 33 boxer 16v, and now a 156 - all red haha.

Congratulations on your 159.

Alfaholic - Australia.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 from Switzerland


Love is blind

General Comments:

Good handling. Feels a bit heavy though.

Looks like a goddess. Easily the most beautiful thing in its class.

Dashboard LCD display looks cheap. Dashboard itself is fantastic.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2008