1991 Alfa Romeo 164 LS 6 cylinder from North America


Meeeeennkya!!! Alfa's got it all!


Water pump failed at 91,000 miles, 2,000 miles after previous owner had replaced it. Car had been driven less than 1,000 miles in two years before I purchased it.

Replaced valve cover gasket, cam-timing belt and two fuel hoses.

General Comments:

In previous posts, somebody mentioned "This is not a car for women." Indeed, the original owner had purchased it new in 1991 for his wife who hated it's bulk and rarely drove it. When I bought it, it was showroom fresh.

I am a woman, and I thoroughly enjoy the agility and high-speed gusto of this large Alfa sedan. "Off-the-line" performance is somewhat sluggish with the automatic transmission, but when shifted manually, the 164 can blow away a BMW M3 with ease.

The big Alfa hums along effortlessly at 80mph. A mere tap on the gas pedal results in rocket-like acceleration even on an uphill grade.

Fuel economy is an unexpected bonus. Compared to my previous Jaguar XJS, this is an econobox! It averages around 25mpg city even with aggressive driving.

The leather orthopedic seats seem to be custom-made for me. I can drive for hours without a "rest stop".

So far, the previous owner bore the brunt of repairs, and everything works as it should, with just enough sporadic quirkiness to keep me from taking the car's thrill quotient for granted. The downside is, there's only one mechanic in San Diego, CA who's familiar with the 164 Alfa, and he's 30 miles away.

This Alfa has all the luxury and performance features of a BWM, with a sort of spirit and panache all it's own. I forgot to mention the awesome sound system installed by the previous owner!

All I can say is "Wow!" After a succession of high-maintenance cars ending with the XJS (which was to be my last "fling"), I was intent upon replacing my passion for exotic cars with a bland middle-aged security blanket. A "normal" Lexus LS400 or Toyota Camry was my planned replacement for the Jaguar.

Just in time, and at half the price of a used-up Camry, this Alfa came along and put a huge smile on my face. If it goes up in smoke tomorrow, it will have been more than worth it... What a BLAST!!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2005

1st Oct 2005, 23:04

THAT, is what I needed to read. THAT is why you buy an Alfa.

Good stuff, now time to go for a drive.


6th Feb 2007, 13:48

It's me again...2 years and 25K miles later. Still love the car.

I had a transmission shop install a "governor kit" from Erickson Industries (Nat), the U.S. ZF Transmissions distributor. For a cost of $500, the erratic shifting has been cured, and I now have a transmission that shifts better than a new one.

The only remaining aggravating quirk is a re-start problem that the mechanics are trying to trace. I thought to quit while I was ahead, and buy a newer car, but can't find anything that comes close without spending $40K+.

11th Apr 2008, 10:32

Wow I want to marry this woman! Imagine someone who is not afraid of an exotic like this and she knows what she's talking about with all of the maintenance stuff! Good luck with your Alfa, hope it lasts many more years for you!

1991 Alfa Romeo 164 L 3.0V6 from North America


Italian bruiser


Cooling fan fuse blew - engine overheated, but no damage.

General Comments:

This is one awesome machine. I leased a Subaru WRX before searching for this car, and I have to say I much prefer driving it to the WRX. It's more comfortable, quieter, has more torque, and sounds awesome when stretched.

Good stuff - fantastic engine (sounds even better with the S exhaust system), great cruiser, relaxing to drive, still looks good.

Bad Stuff - ride a bit fidgety, creaks and rattles, A/C repair is the stuff of nightmares, servicing options in the US are limited.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2003