1986 Alfa Romeo 2300 ti 4 (last edition) 2.3 8v petrol from Brazil


I wouldn't sell this car for any money in the world!


In seventeen years of ownership I just had little problems.

A bit of trim from the rear door became loose.

Rust near the windows.

Noise from the front suspension.

Cracking noise from the steering wheel.

Noise from the rear left wheel.

Exhaust blew once.

Thanks god I just had this kind of problem, because if I had a major problem I would be in serious trouble, because there isn't a lot of parts for this car.

General Comments:

I bought this car from a classic car collector, so that's why the units of distance is low, I only this car in classic cars expositions, I don't use at common days (for the common days I use a Chevrolet Omega, because Alfa Romeo dealers, doesn't support this model). When I need a part I usually ask other (generally few) owners of Alfa 2300 where I can find the part that I need.

About the car... well, what can I say...

Maybe the best car, made in Brazil off all places!

It's a pity that FIAT stopped the production of this wonderful car.

I just love this car and wouldn't sell it for any money in the world!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2003

11th Sep 2004, 05:30

Alfa 2300 is that the B or TI? Classic modification done by FNN and then Fiat in Brazil. The Quality Build from FIAR was most improved from the days of the JK.

If you have a Picture I would be interested in looking at one.