1984 Alfa Romeo 33 1.5L single carb from Australia and New Zealand


Quirky, but a whole lot of fun


So very very much : (

Air conditioning - when working is barely noticeable.

Electrics - simply amazing. I have learned to keep my sanity by treating it as an adventure.

Speedo goes on and off intermittently. Loose wiring the most probable culprit, but haven't checked properly yet.

Had a weekend where the headlights stopped working - but if you turned the air conditioner on they would work. Now that's character!

Tape deck stopped working, but it was the original, and for the age of the car I think that's acceptable.

Interior lights are very dim due to old connections, and sometimes do not work due to the dimmer switch being dodgy.

Rust - only really on he rear hatch, where it is has reached the point where serious work will need to be done to repair it. Elsewhere it is pretty rust free - which is somewhat rare.

Engine is always unhappy when cold.

Engine - could easily say it is a pain at low revs, but the age of the car needs to be considered. It is wonderful at high revs - I mean wonderful. You can rev it to hell and back and it just wants more. Beautiful engine noise and nice and smooth. Given this and its size it would be a big ask with the technology at the time to expect it to have loads of low down torque. Don't expect to drag people off and its fine, and as I said the engine is more than happy for you to have a good time once you get going. Only other note on the engine is economy - actually pretty good if driven sensibly, although naturally enough if you rev it enough it will cost a fortune.

General Comments:

Yes, a lot can go wrong with the car.

No, its not that hard to fix.

This car handles brilliantly. I went to test drive new lancers, pulsars etc, and was flabbergasted at how bad the handling was in comparison.

It may not be the fastest car out there - but the feeling and control is amazing. This is really a car you can drive at ten tenths and feel comfortable in what she will do and how she will respond.

Its always going to be a matter of taste, and I wouldn't recommend it as your only car due to its faults, but it is a fantastic runabout with real handling and performance if you want to have a lot of fun on a budget.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2004

1984 Alfa Romeo 33 1.5 from Netherlands


Everything! One of the first 33s, so rust all over and on places where never rust had been seen. Under the doors, in the trunk, windows, suspension, etc etc.

Technically no problems... but the wiring was very bad. Problems with the left powered window (slam the door: open; slam again: closed).

Brake claws sounded like the end was near.

General Comments:

This car made me poor as a student. Just 1 liter to 8 kms; a lot of repairs and no value at all when I bought another car.

The rust was terrible. Rubbers fell from the doors because their construction was rotting.

The engine sound was very nice. The seats and 'Italian smell' were good as well. But I haven't drive Alfa again. I should have had a newer one, as their owners are full of joy (?)

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Review Date: 12th September, 2000