1985 Alfa Romeo 33 Ti 1.5 twin carb from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent weekend thrash


Mainly little electrical things.

Some mechanical including;

Clutch cylinder.

Warped discs.

One burnt valve.

Water pump.


Cracked distributor cap.

General Comments:

Still looks good.

Handles well.

Sounds unreal with a 2 inch stainless exhaust.

Redline is 6400, but goes to 7000 no problem, day in day out.

Never left me stranded even with a burnt valve.

Thrashed it from day one and have loved every minute.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2001

1985 Alfa Romeo 33 Series 1 1.5 leaded from Australia and New Zealand


Best of both worlds - sportiness and practicality rolled into one


- Looking at the service history of the car, about everything under the sun went wrong with it. For the previous owner, who had it since 1986 (14 years), she averaged around $200/month on repairs and services for it. Though this lady knew nothing about cars or Alfas, and took it to a 'reputable' Alfa mechanic who was probably constantly ripping her off.

- For me:

Rust, rear wheel arch and rear passenger door.

Small oil leak, nothing major.

Electric speedo died, re-wiring and re-soldering fixed this.

The driver's (right-hand-side) electric mirror packed up. It works but only just - I think the window motor has nearly had it.

General Comments:

I'm only 18 and this is my first car. Generally I love it, it sounds great and looks superb, and it doesn't seem to cost me much in repairs etc, but I haven't had it for that long. It certainly cost the previous owner a lot.

I'm a big guy (6 foot 5) and I find it uncomfortable, the pedals are too close together, and my knees used to touch the steering wheel, until we moved the entire seat and the rail that it sits on back. Now, no-one can sit behind me :)

Guzzles a bit of fuel, but I think I drive it like that :). Wish it took unleaded because petrol is expensive.

Love the flat-4 engine, easy and fun to work on.

I think an Alfa such as this makes a good car, in particular a good first car, AS LONG AS you are prepared to look after it, because the odds are it will break from time to time. Helps to know about these cars so that repairs can be done yourself, avoiding being ripped off by an Alfa mechanic, or having a dodgy job done by your everyday mechanic.

It also helps to purchase a GOOD example of a 33, with service history and low km's (a 85' model with 112,000 km's and a full service history from day one, from a reputable Alfa mechanic was a great find!)

A real value for money buy if you get a good one and look after it! Sporty and compact as well as being a practical 5-door.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2000

1985 Alfa Romeo 33 TI Twin Carb 1.5 Flat 4 Boxer from Australia and New Zealand


All show with plenty of go


Threw 3 rods through the block.

Blew number one piston 3 times over.

Wrecked 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear syncro's.

Split master cylinder.

Bent rear axle.

Broke a steering arm.

Replaced exhaust 3 times (kept squashing it on speed humps).

Gearbox selector fork.

Replaced the clutch.

Cracked the chassis in 3 places and has been re-engineered since.

Blew a hole in the bonnet.

Cracked a crank and did the big end bearing.

Cracked fog light on rabbit rally driving in Melbourne.

General Comments:

I love this car.. I don't care that it has cost me an arm and a leg, it's been worth it. I gave this little Alfa a beating from day one and haven't stopped.

Once you own an Alfa you will never own any other car. Other than maybe a Ferrari.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2000