1994 Alfa Romeo 33 1.5 IE petrol from Sri Lanka


At this age, not recommended for ones who aren't mechanically inclined or knowledgeable








Windows (both manual and power windows).

After I fixed it and got it running, the alternator belt kept shredding. Fixed the alignment, only to find out it was because it was running with a Mitsubishi alternator whose pulley is wider than the water pump pulley. So I installed a thinner pulley and that solved the problem. Getting to that belt was not easy.

The dashboard is plastic underneath and it is cracked everywhere (only held by the cover outside). That needs to be taken out and fixed properly (later someday).

Speedometer wasn't working. I fixed it but it reads a bit higher. Good for safety LOL.

General Comments:

I found a non running 33 1.5 IE in 2015. It didn't start, didn't even crank with a good battery, didn't charge the battery when running, didn't change gears when running, has failed emissions, handbrake didn't hold, seats were bottomed, A/C didn't work, and windows didn't go up and down.

Poor previous owner was helpless and clueless. What did I do? Bought it real cheap, loaded onto a truck bed and brought it home. Thank you Alfa virus.

Got the starter working (wire from ignition switch to starter relay was almost broken; soldering wire fixed it).

Got two selector sleeves and synchro rings in the gearbox with synthetic oil API GL-5.

Installed a new clutch kit, new clutch and brake master pumps with fresh fluid Dot 4.

New tie rod ends.

Engine oil change with filter.

New air filter.

Iridium plug set with correct heat range with new HT leads.

Took out the fuse board and cleaned oxidization.

Fixed alternator with new external regulator.

Handbrake fix was just inside the handle itself.

New window rail rubbers on all 4 doors (less than $10).

Repaired the power window cables (at a local shop, less than $20 for both).

Re-connected the oxygen sensor plugs (4 wires - those weren't connected: failed emissions).

New idle actuator, new fuel pump and two fuel filters (at tank and close to engine).

New secondary fan to cool the radiator with relay and fuse.

Fresh fuel hoses, fresh coolant hoses.

Restored most of "ruined" wiring according to wiring diagrams.

New battery.

New timing belts and tensioners.

Fixed speedometer (broken wire from sender).

New A/C compressor.

Except the transmission, timing belts and clutch, all the rest were DIY. It passed emissions (last "recorded" mileage was 236000 km, could be a lot more) then it was my daily for few weeks (2nd or 3rd car anyway). It made a few hundred kilometers event racing up the hill country. Didn't miss a beat in all weathers!

Love the sewing machine like sound of the engine. Quite smooth. Pedals are bit too close but you get used to it. I had my seats stuffed and done in leather, and they are very comfortable.

Closing the doors doesn't give the quality CLACK as of the 164, it's more like a twig breaking crack (doesn't sound nice) haha.

SOHC engine is more user friendly for maintenance and the torque is remarkable for its size.

Gear change has to be done carefully (even after rebuild) and it's best to have some mechanical sympathy towards it.

Air conditioning isn't too good even if it works perfectly. The blower fan is in the engine bay and the cold air has quite a distance to travel to your face. You feel it only at full blast, which is very noisy.

These are light, feels flaky and plastic bits crack like biscuit (talk about air vents). But if you look after them, these are terrific to drive and reliable if you maintain them correctly. Not difficult for DIY, and the AR forums/community are a great resource.

The 33 is the cheap alternative to the legendary Alfasud, and this one doesn't rust. EFI makes it easier to live with. It's a keeper, along with my 164.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2018

1994 Alfa Romeo 33 Quadrifoglio 1.7 16v from Argentina


The best car ever! Cheap and fast - Too fast =)


I bought it from a cheapskate, who wouldn't spend a dime on the car, except for the outside so...

* Brake discs had to be changed

* Clutch was about to pass away, so I changed it

* Tires were almost 8 years old (this crazy guy). I placed 4 Dunlop tyres on it, and they run excellent

* Troubles with the cooling system. When on a freeway, the temp went down. I changed the thermostat

* Gear box was running with little oil, + the last owner gave the gearbox a very hard time. It was impossible to change to second gear without hearing the "gear box braking" noise.

General Comments:

Although I had to pay lots to put the car back on the road, the car is a great peace of machinery, and is very good looking. The lines are awesome!

It has a 1.7 16v Boxer engine that has incomparable acceleration (less than 8 sec 0-100 km/h). This car weighs 1 MT.

With a top speed of almost 220 km/h, you can let go of the wheel and the car keeps going straight because of the great sport suspension.

The gears have an excellent top speeds, leaving more than one jack ass behind.

1st - 60 Km/h

2nd - 105 Km/h

3rd - 140 Km/h

4th - 195 Km/h

5th - 220 Km/h.

The handling is one of the best I ever driven (I had lots of cars). It feels like you are in a kart; however on bumpy roads, the suspension doesn't help, because it's too sporty. I don t complain, I just avoid bumpy roads.

The braking system has 4 discs and ABS, what else do you need? (It was built in 94!!)

The inside of the car is not luxurious, but you have all that you need.

* Sport leather seats with an excellent driving position

* 4 doors with space for 5 people

* Good glove compartment

* Sun roof

* Leather wheel

* Electric windows (front)

Once you hear the boxer engine sound (+3500 RPM) you'll know what I'm talking about.

You'll have lots of stupid people who will say "Don't buy an Alfa". My advise is, get it from a old man or a guy who takes good care of it.

Don't expect a car that wasn't pushed to the limit, Alfas are built for that. The important thing is that you make the right things to the car in other to keep it up.


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Review Date: 1st December, 2007

1994 Alfa Romeo 33 IE 1.5 from Cyprus


As they say 'Once you have owned an Alfa you'll never have another car!'


Nothing at all! Surprisingly everything is OK and only the usual running costs occured. Even the speedometer is working properly (this was a nightmare on my previous 33 1.5Ti)!

General Comments:

I have owned Alfa Romeos for the last 20 years (and a Honda Civic 1985 model) and I would never change them for another make of cars of the same or a bit higher class! They are fast, reliable, and safe.

In Cyprus they are cheap when bought second hand but very difficult to sell (except to Alfa Romeo lovers like me!).

No rust problems until now, no serious damage to the engine or body, upholstery should be much improved and some extra luxury added to their inside.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2001

1994 Alfa Romeo 33 1.5 from Israel


No problems at all.

General Comments:

Very good car, and very fast.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

1994 Alfa Romeo 33 QV 1.7 IE 16v petrol from Turkey


Early worn brake discs, difficult to shift transmission gears.

General Comments:

Good performance, I could say "buy this car" to whoever wants to have acceleration.

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999