1985 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint 1.5 QV 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand




Blown head gasket.

Needed new radiator.

Needed new clutch.

Rear wiper not working.

Interior light not working.

Glove box lid broke.

Car has had more than the average number of major problems, given its still low mileage. But it's common knowledge that that's the deal with Alfas (at least older ones like mine). If you love the wonderful character, and the fact that the car is so much fun to drive, it's a wonder governments everywhere have not outlawed it, then you won't mind.

Generally mine is very reliable.

General Comments:

Car is FUN, FUN, FUN.

Wonderfully sharp steering, zippy, terrific engine/exhaust note.

It could use a bit more power, and I've thought about dropping an injected 1.8 Alfa 33 engine into it (I understand it drops in quite nicely)

The car still looks great, but the Sprint is basically a nicer-looking three door Alfasud. And there have been slight packaging compromises to get the nicer looking shape.

It's pretty poorly equipped: no air-con, no power windows, standard two speaker radio/cassette is pretty ordinary. Right-hand only rear view mirror. Basically, the car has no luxury items at all.

However, if you're looking for driving fun per dollar spent, this is probably the best car in the world.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004

1985 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde 1.5 Twin Carburettor from Australia and New Zealand


Nice Italian four cylinder sports car


Nothing seriously wrong so far. Except that water pump needs to be replaced soon. $120 - $200 AUD (Australian Dollars) for a new one.

The drivers seat has worn a little bit, but nothing that could not be fixed easily with a needle and thread. After the seats had been removed from the car obviously.

The original Alfa Romeo radio was broken when I bought the car. The radio was actually an Alfa Romeo branded Eurovox. The circuit board had snapped inside the radio, which I am told is a common fault. This could have been fixed, but it was fairly expensive to do so. So I fitted a new Alpine unit instead.

The dashboard is cracked from being left in the sun for too long by the previous owner. This can be fixed with a vinyl repair kit.

The plastics that hold the driver and front seat passenger sun blinds in the locked position, are pretty badly damaged through age.

The plastic strip that runs across the back of the boot has broken. This strip has the contacts for the rear wiper in it.

The above plastics problems seem to appear in all the Sprints I have seen.

Rust does tend to pop up in few places. One bad place I have got is where the base of the right hand windscreen wiper attaches to the metal body of the car. Another place the Sprints get bad rust, is behind that plastic strip that runs down the length of the car. The rust does not come up the whole way down it, but it does show behind the piece that is right behind the front wheels.

The car could do with a little more power too.

Apart from those minor problems, there is nothing else worth mentioning.

General Comments:

It is a very nice Italian sports car. Whilst it could do with a larger engine, it seems to cope OK with the 1.5.

You can tell a Quadrifoglio Verde by the green four leaf clover on the back of the car, where it says Sprint. Quadrifoglio Verde actually means Green Four Leaf Clover in Italian.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2001

1985 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint Veloce Quadrofoglio Verde 1.5 petrol from Sweden


Fun but faulty


A lot of rust, went warm under 50km/h, some small things and a faulty transmission (two times!)...

General Comments:

A very beautiful car and a lot of fun to drive (when it works...) Goes fast with that little engine. A GTi-killer! But the build qualty...

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Review Date: 8th September, 2000

14th Mar 2004, 21:48

Go along with this review - terrific fun to drive, great looking, fantastic character, but can be expensive when things go wrong - as seems to happen more often than with your average Japanese boredom box.

I've got an '85 Sprint QV, very good condition, with still only 150,000 km on the clock...