1989 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint Veloce, Green Cloverleaf 1.7 from UK and Ireland


The Italian Girl... loves to rev..


1 clutch soon after I purchased the car and 1 clutch after 50,000 miles of serious fun.

1 battery.

1 slave cylinder.

Minor electrics.

Body repairs.

Gear linkage when I let my girlfriend drive.

Rear side windows seized shut.

Door mechanisms needed attention.

Key ignition stopped turning the starter, so a button was fitted which turned out to be a hit.

General Comments:

Absolutely fantastic, it was everything I had dreamt it to be... a very nice big sister to the Alfasud. I can truly say that I have had the chance to own my dream car.

It is a shame that it was not followed up by an evolution version or something. I really do hope, that Alfa Romeo bring out an updated versions of this true masterpiece, because as great as the car is, it is realistic to say that it could have been made better, IE. better metals, bigger engine, room to allow it to be pimped (although the zender body-kit was sexy) etc...

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Review Date: 28th February, 2007

1989 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint 1.7 ie from Switzerland


Solid as a rock


Clutch pedal spring replaced.

Lights switch replaced.

Body repairs.

General Comments:

Incredible engine, as long as it has oil and water. No oil consumption until the end... and still the same power at 257'000 km.

No maintenance costs apart from servicing.

Only weak point: the bodywork.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002

5th Apr 2005, 06:46

The Sud Sprint is a fantastic and affordable classic. I owned one for 8 years. Apart from the engine, I would not classify it as a "rock solid" car though.

1989 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint Veloce Cloverleaf 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Fast Italian fun


The seats showed signs of wear when I purchased the car. Now the fabric needs replacing.

Rusty rear wheel arches have just been cut out and replaced for MOT.

Quirky electrics, very slow electric windows often blow fuse, especially if the radio is on! £40 to put right.

General Comments:

Very fast for the engine size.

Superb cornering, heavy steering.

Turns heads, rare car.

Attempts at 'mod cons' are poor even for the year, but it's all about engine, exciting driving and great Italian looks.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2001

1989 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint Veloce Cloverleaf 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


3,000,000 Lira of pure Italian racing heritage


In the past history not much has failed, front tyres wear like they are made of cheese.

Front main beams.

Rust repairs, ongoing at this age.

Water hose needed replacing between the carbs across the top of the block by the pump.

Seats wear badly, unless it's just my one.

Minor electrical niggles.

General Comments:

Great car, good looks, wonderful sound from the flat four boxer. Torque steer is occasionally fun. Fuel consumption can occasionally not be fun. Twin barrel downdraughts need tuning regularly.

Brakes are great. Handles very well, surprisingly even when wet. Gear change can be heavy, as with the clutch. Exhaust pop is a delight, often turns heads. Will eat and spit out any Ford Escorts and VW Golfs.

High insurance is a bind, but well worth it. At 11 years old it drives perfectly every day, and handles long distances in its stride. It's my 2nd, and they are just great. So rare, purely lovely, never want to get rid of it.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2000

5th Jul 2001, 10:40

Chris, I wrote above review, maybe we should chat about repairs, tips, tricks and traps etc...?

Contact me at sprintveloce@another.com

Thanks, James.

22nd Aug 2001, 15:34

Yep I have the same car too...

Lovely sound, worn seat, looks gorgeous, torque steers to hell, but what the hell. 89 Veloce - red. 40k miles. Nothing compares!!

18th Oct 2002, 13:03

Owned one for 10 years. Great car, but shame about build quality and corrosion. Similar problems to those listed. Future project is to re-build one and drive it only in the summer.