24th Aug 2004, 05:58

I own a alfa sprint as well. It costs to much to maintain, but I just can't let it go. I blew the motor racing a BMW. Mine is not a sud (not made in the south), so rust is not as bad, but still exists. After reading your story, she will be back. Just be careful with which mechanic you choose, as most alfa mechanics are full of bulldust. They overcharge, trying suggest that they are complicated motors when they are not. An engineered sump is a must, if you plan to give it a bit. I enjoyed times spent racing up and back along the gorge road, as well as up to windy point.

23rd Dec 2004, 06:26

I've got an '85 Sprint and these things are so much fun, it's a wonder they're not against the law.

I agree with most of what you've said, but really, being "thrown back in your seat in second and third"??

C'mon, you were'nt getting a bit carried away there were you?

It's zippy for a little 1.5 motor, but I think you could be exaggerating a mite.

4th Jun 2007, 07:17

Hi, original reviewer back again. Thanks for all your comments! Haha, and yeah, in hindsight the 'thrown back into the seat in second and third is slightly imaginative'!

Since this car I've been driving quite a few different ones.

A '93 1 litre Charade. Haha took quite the beating with zero complaints! Great little car that.

But then, I found the most beautiful Alfasud Ti. I waited four months to pick it up (moved to Canberra you see), then within a week someone ignored a give way sign and wrote it off. Aiya!

Then, a Subaru Outback. Very nice.

Then, a Subaru Forester. Not quite so nice.

Then, a '86 Twin Cam 16 Corolla. Lotsa fun! Man those 4AGE engines are sensational! Gave that one away to my uni student friend.

Then, an original and immaculate 1998 MR2 GT with 60,000 km on the clock. Wonderful, wonderful car! Incredible handling and decently quick.

But, it wasn't an Alfa. And I needed more seats to give people lifts to and from church. So I found a shiny red twin carb 1.5 1988 Alfa 33 with full service records at an Alfa specialist from new! I picked it up today and it's like I've come home! Even smells like my 'Sud and Sprint. Except this one's been well looked after.

I think I'm in love!

Anyone want to buy an MR2?