1982 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sportiva II 2.0 liter petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Central engine mount lost, exhaust keeps breaking at the 1st muffler every 5000km. Costs 0 to AU$ to weld.

Driver door hinges worn, just a small nuisance - not a problem.

General Comments:

I bought this car for AU$1,500 (cheap!). It was in really good condition, except for: the gearbox was worn out, the original electronic ignition had had been replaced with a mechanical one (why???), and the tires were near replacement.

I got a new gearbox with tighter gearing and an original ignition / distributor for AU$700 (is that value for money or what?), and got them installed for AU$400. Put on new Pirellis 6000 for just under AU$600. Installed Bosch plugs with 4 electrodes - AND SHE LOVES IT!!! Fixed a small dent in the fender. For $AU5900 I had a near new Alfetta!

The gearbox is not as smooth as the Giulia's, but one learns how to use it.

Even two young women loved driving her 4000k from Sydney to Perth! They were amazed at the power in 5th gear.

The new gearbox limits top speed to about 160km/h, which is OK in a country where the max speed limit is 110km/h. But the power it delivers!

I love driving it in the city and more so in the forests down south in Western Australia (not many boys in blue there!).

She has NEVER let me down. The worst was when the exhaust broke on Sunday late - she sounded like a tank. Still got me home no problems.

Maintenance is negligible: Oil change (mineral based old style oil), new plugs, oil filter, that's it. Had the rear brake pads replaced for $AU120.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th January, 2005