1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Beautiful, fast, but a little ratty


Head gasket.

Had to be held in 2nd gear.

Entertaining entry of water via rotten rubber boots around the pedals.

Papier-mâché dashboard disintegrating.

Tail waggled like a duck over bumps due to worn rear suspension bushes.

Minor fires behind the dashboard.

General Comments:

This beautiful little white car was quite quick, and could be flung around once you learned its ways.

125 HP, about 120mph, alloy engine, 5 speed gearbox, hemi head, twin cam, 2 x 42DCOE Webers, free flowing exhaust. What more could you want? Well, better wiring and pendant pedals would have been nice.

Like most cars of my youth, by the time I could afford this little minx she was getting tired, but she did her best. We had a ball.

The svelte Bertone body was set off by shiny stainless steel plates on the door sills announcing in flowing script: 'Alfa Romeo'. Very impressive to the right passenger!

The front seats were comfortable, and the back very cosy. The Italians made up for the dodgy wiring with little touches like a spring loaded, semi-automatic cigarette lighter. There was even a primitive cruise control - a hand throttle under the crumbling dash.

And a lovely exhaust note. Automotive heaven for $2000!

I suspect that automotive heaven is where she is now...

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Review Date: 16th April, 2014

12th Apr 2020, 01:50

"Minor fires behind the dashboard". Not enough to toast marshmallows I guess. Nice review.