1996 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Tspark from Dominican Republic


Love my Bella


Well most things have gone wrong not because of the car so far, but here we go:

The first day I got the car the battery completely died, what a way to start huh? About 3 weeks ago I cracked the crank and it got quite expensive.

Also I've been getting problems with the AC, its randomly switching off and goes back on. The compressor stays on so I think the AC blower is not working properly, I will check that out. The AC doesn't cool enough on daytime (Dominican Republic is a very hot country by the way) and its alright at night.

When I bought it the sunroof wasn't working, gotta check that out.

General Comments:

Well its my first car and I absolutely love it. The performance is awesome for a 2.0 4 cylinder car, the running costs are high as any other Alfa, but its totally worth it.

It is true that the car isn't fast starting off, but once you engage 2nd gear and on, it can get seriously fast. ITS really really fun to drive, the handle feels great, the interior is amazing for a car this old, and the sound, WHAT AN ENGINE SOUND. It's a real head turner, I thought most people were bluffing about this since it isn't THAT spectacular, but yes, people will compliment this car several times on a daily basis.

If you are thinking of getting one I totally recommend you to (beware of the high prices of maintenance). I usually take mine to an Alfa specialist, it's a lot cheaper than taking it to the dealer.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2007

13th Sep 2015, 17:37

Which Alfa specialist do you take your car to?

1996 Alfa Romeo GTV Lusso 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A baby Ferrari


New air con compressor £300.

New door seals.

Service history shows that there was an issue with water getting into the spark plugs and not letting the car start - was fixed by Alfa and no further problems.

General Comments:

This is a very comfortable car and the Lusso leather and air con package is very nice. Acceleration is between 7 and 8 seconds and I have taken the car to at least 135 mph. Being low and wide makes the car very stable and will take roundabouts at speed very easily.

1st gear is quite sluggish and it is not until you get to 2nd and 3rd that the speed rapidly picks up.

I have found it quite economical being a 55 litre fuel tank and I can regularly get 500 miles out of it.

I replaced the original stereo tape head unit for a CD and the sound from the speakers is very impressive holding clarity at volume.

The boot space is very limited due to the fact that the spare wheel takes up most of the space leaving only enough space for two medium bags of groceries. The rear seats provide limited space so unless you are under 10 yrs forget sitting comfortably.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

7th Sep 2007, 14:10

I agree with 1st being a little sluggish. Took it to Autodelta who chipped it and problem sorted. Great stereo and loved the way it would hold the gears a long time whilst going through the rev range. Meaty sound as it went over 4500.

Issues with the Alfa red fading on the bumpers, but easy fix with a re-spray. Great little car. Might go with the V6 next time around.

1996 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic looking car, but just doesn't live up to its expectations


My engine caught fire at 80,000 miles.

I believe it was started by an oil leak in the engine and a broken spark plug (when I say broken, I literally mean a piece of the gold tipped spark plug had broken off, and is stuck in the piston). This lead to the two distributor caps catching fire, and I dread to think what would have happened if I had been going any faster than 50 mph.

Anyone that has seen an Alfa engine, will know that there is a casing over the engine that you need tools to remove, so even when I stopped the car, I couldn't actually see what was wrong.

On inspection from my mechanic, he estimates that there is approx €2000 worth of parts needed for the engine alone to be repaired, and it will then need to be reconditioned etc.

Aside from all this, I wasn't happy with the wear of the shock absorbers; they just weren't sufficient for a sports car, and that meant that the handling was affected i.e. I never trusted the car's handling.

Also, because the car is so low to the ground, I was always wary of the oil sump, which meant that I found myself desperately avoiding roads with the slightest pot hole.

General Comments:

Overall, I will never feel the same about Alfa Romeo's again.

All this said, the car still looks immaculate, and all electrics and inside leather upholstery are well intact; it's just an awful pity it doesn't move!!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2005

2nd May 2007, 00:31

First up, I am a huge Alfa fan, so this comment may not be completely independent.

Overall you say that the car is not in line with expectations - anyone who has researched these cars before buying knows that major mechanical problems at 80,000 miles are entirely expected! Buyers need to bear in mind that the GTV is effectively a relatively low volume and fairly complex (especially from a suspension point of view) Italian sports car. Bulletproof reliability to 80,000 miles and beyond was never part of the plan... if that is the primary concern - go for a Mercedes. My message to anyone considering one of these (and I used to own one) is to do your research thoroughly, don't expect to run one on a shoestring and do not expect to rely on an aging/high mileage example as a sole form of transport. If you are realistic, satisfaction is guaranteed as they are GREAT cars with a lot of character...

1996 Alfa Romeo GTV TS Lusso 2.0 Twin Spark from UK and Ireland


Stunning motor


Absolutely nothing, although the air conditioning needs a re-gas.

General Comments:

I love my GTV, it looks great, drives great, and sounds great!

I had a 146 Ti 2.0 TS previously, I loved that until an accident, (not my fault), sadly ended it's life.

Therefore I was forced to buy the GTV, as I couldn't get a lesser car, and already had owned the best of the rest, (in non-GTA Alfa terms).

My GTV was far better than I had thought, it just seems to hug the road everywhere!!

The leather interior looks very nice and is also extremely comfortable for a 2+2.

The dash layout is superb, the angle of the fuel gauge etc. is just inspirational.

It's engine is lively and has the best note you could ask for.

The rear seats are stupidly small, only big enough for a couple of 5 year olds!! But who wants to carry extra weight with passengers when you have an exhilarating sports coupe!!!

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1996 Alfa Romeo GTV Twin Spark 2.0 liter from France


Again - but with the real V6 for the next one


Passenger rear view mirror electrical fault (could not move up and down) - fixed under the extended warranty contract.

General Comments:

Great car. My only regret is that my model lacked air conditioning. It was very reliable and gave a great kick to drive. Never reacted badly to any situation though you had to to be careful under rainy conditions.

The 2.0 liter version is a bit underpowered for quick starts (the car is heavy), but is great once you're moving on. The sound is not quite as empowering as the old GTV 2.0 liter when idle, but gets a lot nicer as you rev up.

I had to get rid of it because I lost my original quiet parking spot.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001