1990 Alfa Romeo Spider from UK and Ireland


A fun car to drive


The fuel pump was replaced at 15,000 miles.

The electric radio aerial needed replacing at 20,000 miles.

Apart from routine servicing the car has cost me nothing and has been very reliable.

General Comments:

The car drives and handles very well.

The convertible roof is manual and is simple to operate. I have raised and lowered the roof while stopped at the traffic lights.

The car has a galvanised steel body which has kept it rust free. Of course, keeping it in a garage helps too.

The trunk is enormous.

The seats are comfortable and the interior is well designed with a lockable glove compartment and extra storage pockets in the doors. I have completed many long journeys in this car all over Europe. I find that I never get tired driving this car. On poor road surfaces the ride can feel harsh, but this is the same for most sports cars.

The gearstick sticks out of the dashboard at a perfect height which is great for fast gear changes.

The 1990 - 1993 Alfa Spider , in my opinion, is one of the prettiest sports cars ever made. This 'series 4' Spider has power steering and Bosch fuel injection and can be used as an every day car. The car is excellent in traffic and has plenty of low down torque.

I recently changed the Alfa steering wheel for an expensive wooden steering wheel which looks great, but it has made the steering more heavy so I am thinking of changing it back.

The car battery in the 2 litre model is situated in the trunk and is held in place by a metal bar which you screw into place. This is a poor design and the battery can work itself free and disconnect. Thankfully this has only happened one time. In the 1.6 litre model the battery is stored in the engine compartment.

The rear diffrential can whine a little on Alfa Spiders.

This car is sometimes referred to as the 'Series 4' Spider and was only ever made in left hand drive.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

1990 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 ie 2.0L. from Switzerland


A dream car for alfa lovers


A few little things had to be done : one windshield washing spray was broken and had to be changed. The T piece between the 2 sprays had to be changed. The battery was dead (original one 11 years old). There was also a broken piece in relation with the hand brake : it was active on only one wheel.

General Comments:

This car sticks to the road. It turns flat even at high speed, due to the propulsion. The performances could be better : the engine lost a big amount of torque due to the de-pollution laws. Otherwise, very pleasant to drive.

Big trunk for a cabriolet : you can easily use it for holidays and your wife will be pleased to take enough luggage ;-)

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Review Date: 29th April, 2002

6th Dec 2003, 12:50

Wonderful, I owe the same car and noticed same problems with the windshieldwaschers. I bought a piece of plastic tube at Migros and fixed the stuff myself. I just passed 40000km and the spider (88) looks like new. Want to meet once in spring? I am in the Geneva area on 079 6520605.